The reply is a huge big NONE!

Abdominal exercises alone don't raise your metabolism enough to cut your stomach fat.
If you are searching for a ‘miracle Ab’ exercise or pill, be aware that there is no such thing. Quit searching for the easy way out.

Quit focusing your time and energy on Ab work outs, and machines that just won’t work to compress your stomach, and get those 6 pack Abs that you want. You are just wasting your time and effort. Instead focus on performing the right exercises, which will actually burn your body fat. Here is the secret. Use resistive training for a whole body workout. Increase the intensity of your workouts, and take little pauses in between.

Folks make errors every day in their efforts to lose belly fat:

People waste way too much time doing hundreds of repetitive and useless crunches, sit ups, and other ‘abdominal specific’ exercises, in an effort to lose their abdominal fat. Other, more efficient exercises stimulate your metabolism to increase hormone levels, and burn fat more effectively. {These are not work outs that target your abdominal muscles.} Surprised?

Discover the Truth about Abs

Another big waste of time and effort is doing hours of boring cardio routines. Most don’t do cardio exercises right. This may actually decrease the metabolism!

People make the error of following the latest fad diets. Don’t fall for the latest gimmick diet, which comes about. Many of the low fat or low carb diets operate against what your body really needs to lose fat. Understand that there is no ‘miracle’ pill or diet that will help you lose the fat you want, and keep it off. You need to eat a wholesome, balanced diet that is not too restrictive. It is easier than you think to drop weight, when you can enjoy what you eat.

Acknowledge that your abdominals will continue to be covered in fat, if you are consuming a diet full of junk. Nutrition is without a doubt one of the greatest ways to get six pack Abs!

You want to make the most of your workouts by doing full body exercises (like lunges and squats), which boost your metabolism and stabilize your hormone levels. When you perform a full body workout, you incidentally work your whole midsection, even though you aren't specifically targeting the Abs.

Keep it basic:

Quit squandering time focusing on sit-ups, crunches, leg raises, and all those trivial useless ‘Ab contraptions’, searching for that top abdominal exercise for belly fat loss. Instead focus on high intensity full body lifts using combination muti-joint exercises all strategically united into exceedingly effective fat loss workouts. Couple that with a healthy diet full of organic unrefined whole foods as close to their natural state as possible, and those hard to get 6 pack Abs will be yours in no time!

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Susan has been a nurse for over 30 years with expertise in many fields, including bariatric weight loss. Discover more about toning your body and losing fat here