When I first came to 'SelfGrowth.com' I was pretty clear about what self growth means, but being here for a while I realize that this can be seen completely differently. The ‘self’ seems to be the state in which the personality is identified with all the property gathered, all the beliefs and concepts and this of course can have so many different aspects and outfits as there are individuals. So then ‘selfgrowth’ means the development of ones personality and development as I can see, is to be successful, to gain more money, to gain self confidence, to establish ones self image, to become famous, to gain more knowledge and power, etc. The ‘SelfGrowth.com’ offers strategies to reach these goals and there are high-qualified experts in various fields, who offer their services to make the ‘self’ grow in the desired direction. I’m right?
There is no doubt that this is the state of evolution of the great majority of humankind and as there is a strong need to develop this still primitive state, so there are demands and there is a lot of money to be made.
But isn’t there a ‘higher self’ that also needs some attention? Probably not because the higher self just looks down to the lower self and thinks: “Oh boy, how long will they go on playing in this common kindergarten, building sand castles and struggling to build the strongest construction…?”
Joking apart, we know that there is only one ‘self’. Separating one from the other is another game that serves the purpose to survive with ones personality. But how long and how far will the personality or the self, develop itself? Or with other words: blowing up itself? Until exploding? Indeed, this happens quite often. But is this really necessary? Why one must focus so much on self-growth in the sense to make more money, having more success? Isn’t it clear that these intentions are coming still out of a materialistic worldview? Wouldn’t it be more adequate to overcome first this so strong established attitude? To realize that ones limited view can’t be amplified by developing sophisticated techniques and strategies.
Then being at this place ‘SelfGrowth’ I ask myself: What I’m doing here? I’m not interested to participate developing ‘self’ how it is understood here, not myself and not others. But now I’m here and as an expert I can represent myself and even though my knowledge might not be wanted, I still can offer it and as I’m not asking for money, I can’t lose if nobody asks for my ‘service’. I like to sit just there observing how the children are playing in the sand, but after some time I might get bored. Don’t worry I will not destroy any sand castle, but maybe I will throw some sand into the so well functioning techniques of self-confirmation games.
Not that I want to be destructive, in contrary: I’m an artist and that means that I like to be creative. I have no plan, I react spontaneously out of the moment, relating to what shows up and then using my intuition to respond. So I mostly don’t know ahead what I’m going to do. I see life as a challenge and I feel responsible to relate to each situation. I am absolutely convinced that out of this comes real ‘self-growth’ and that for sure includes all levels of ones being and not just ones personality. For this it doesn’t need any seminars, workshops or books. In the beginning we will have to pay for the lessons coming out of daily life, but not necessarily with money, but with our energy and engagement, when we are reacting out of our old and maybe worn out personality structure. Later on when we have learned that all what comes to us is just the most effective in our growing process, then we might also realize that there is abundance and indeed everything is waiting to be received, it only depends on ones openness and not focused on specific ways.

So I expressed what I thought is needed. As there are only extremely few people who are ready to ‘help themselves’ and not just wanting to develop in the first place their personality, so there is absolutely no danger that all the experts will be without clients, they will not lose anything… But this doesn’t exclude that they look at themselves and maybe develop an instance within themselves, they had to ignore for long developing their skills, even though with their good intention to serve and to help.
I will not give any advice. The best advice will come when one has doubts in ones position and is questioning oneself, and then the answer will come from within. A good way to be open for such answers is to meditate regularly, that doesn’t mean to be connected or bound to a specific religious or spiritual concept… In this I’m an expert and you can ask me or go to my Web site for information how to do it.

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