- Fear is never in the NOW. Fear is always based on the past, or the future.

- You think something bad might happen to you.

- You did something bad and you think there might be bad consequences.

- If right NOW someone has a gun to your head the fear is not based on right NOW. The fear is based on what could happen soon. The fear is that you are about to get shot and or killed. If the person with the gun was your friend and you knew the gun was empty, and you knew this person would never hurt you then your fear would be diminished greatly. If you were an actor in a movie, and you were practicing filming with a gun this would be of little to no consequence, but because you think you might get shot then you are fearful. Its not that the gun itself is a threat, or that the person holding the gun Is a threat, it's that in the near future you could get shot. Fear of the future!

- When you live in the NOW there is not fear.

- People scared of water or the ocean are scared that they will drown or get eaten by a shark. Its not the water or the fact that they are in the water, it’s the fear of the future, or the fear of the unseen future.

- The important fact to keep in mind is that we only live in the NOW. The future never happens, because NOW is all that we are ever experiencing. Furthermore you are the one that decides your actions and changes the future. You could take the gun from the person. You could learn how to be a strong swimmer. You could look at statistics on how miniscule shark attacks are, but you decide that you will assume the worst possible outcome in a future and unlikely event.

- Fear is useless. Fear is not healthy. If you do have a gun to your head fear will not keep you from getting shot. Fear will not let you think clearly so that you can work your way out of your situation. Some may say that fear is a normal human feeling and that it is something that we can not choose. They may say that we can not help being fearful. They may say that there is nothing you can do about fear. This is completely false! Who's in control of your body? You are in charge of your body. You are in charge of how you feel. You are running your mind. You can choose your feelings.

- This is so true. You just have to learn how to do this. One way to do this is to tell the truth about what is really going on. The truth is you are alive. You have not been shot or drown, or eaten by a shark, and you will probably live through this too. Tell the truth about what you fear. It’s not real. It's made up in your head. It's not alive. You are free to create your life. You are free to create what you want. When you look back on your life you will see that you have been through many challenges. You have overcome every one of these or you would not be reading this NOW. After overcoming these challenges you have become a stronger, smarter, and more efficient being. Your challenges have made you a better person. Why be scared of new challenges? Face them head on. Meet them with full force. See them for what they are, and swim over them. Think through them. Accept them as being there right NOW. The challenge is already here. Being fearful wont change that. Accepting the challenge and figuring it out will! Fear, don't do it. Fear, its not real. Fear, it's all in your head. Fear, who cares? Fear, wont fix anything. Fear, pointless. Fear, you create it. Fear, it comes from inside, not outside. Fear, purge it!

I have worked in law enforcement for many years. I have been on the other side of the gun. I have been on the other side of the fight. I have been in many high speed car chases. I have run through the bad neighborhoods, jumping fences, chasing the man with the gun. If you ask me about fear in those situations I would say I did not have any. I did not have time for fear. You see if I stop for fear and give it control of my life, then the "bad man" gains a little more advantage. I have to be in the NOW mindset. I have to be tactical. I have to be alert, and I have to be ready to do what I need to do to resolve.

What's the opposite of fear? How bout Peace? Lets live in Peace NOW!

- Fear is never in the NOW. Fear is always based on the past, or the future. Fear of the future will not change the future, it will only make the NOW uncomfortable.

Oh, by the way, who owns today? You or your FEAR?

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Justin Criner has been working with people who feel that they are struggling in life, their happiness, relationships, and criminal dependence for many years. He currently runs a business called Always Developing that is focused on consistent and daily growth, happiness and development. Are you interested in Always Developing?