Treatment for depression and associated disorders is prescribed for over fifteen percent of the world's population. All people at sometime in their life will suffer from the symptoms of what is depression. It can be brought on by any negative event and can last for a day or two, or last a life time. If depression symptoms last for longer than two weeks, it is then deemed to be clinical in nature.

What Causes Depression?
Poverty and social isolation are associated with the increased risk of psychiatric depressive disorders in general. Child abuse is at risk to develop depression later in life, as well a disturbance of family functioning like parental depression, death of parent or other disturbance in parenting are additional risk factors. In adulthood, stressful life events are strongly the reasons with the onset of depressive episodes.

In addition, with the cause of depression is the biochemical imbalance in the brain and psychological factors like a negative or pessimistic view of life. There may also be a genetic link with since the people with the family history of depressions were more likely to experience it.

The first step you should take to stop what is depression is to consult your doctor. Never dismiss depression symptoms as they can be the result of physiological problems which can be corrected with the proper treatment. Your doctor should be able to address all the available treatment options including therapy, lifestyle changes and natural remedies.

Any treatment will only be effective if it is incorporated as part of a healthy daily routine. Getting more exercise and the right amount of sleep, eating a diet which includes foods rich in serotonin to help balance mood and getting fresh air and limited sun exposure can all help to ease symptoms. If you wan to know how to stop depression, the answer is by taking control of your life and working to balance your neurological system.

Take Care Of Yourself
Lots of energy and effort is required in helping someone who is depressed. So it is very important to make sure you take care of yourself. After being cooped up with someone who is depressed, it is very easy to be affected as well. Learn to watch out for signs. If you find yourself with symptoms of depression, quickly seek help from psychologists or counselors.

If you also fall into depression, there will be no way out for both of you. So don't get worn out. Make sure you get enough rest and not yourself to be weighed down by it all. After you, you are the there to help and not be helped!

Physical exercise is good for us, but physical contact is equally important. Our bodies need to move to be healthy, and going for a walk is the easiest exercise for me to do when I'm depressed. It doesn't require as much energy and motivation as other activities. Breathing the fresh air and looking at the beauty of nature can be helpful, and taking my dog along is even better. Just watching his ears flop as he bounces down the road in front of me often brings a smile to my face.

Exercise affects brain chemicals, and the healing touch of physical closeness does too. If you're depressed, hug somebody - anybody, everybody! A hug is good medicine for what is depression. It reduces stress and tension and it boosts your immunity to illness. Hugs raise self esteem and lower blood pressure. They feel good and make people happy. And they're free! Hugs are the universal language that communicates love and acceptance. They're healthy for the "hugger" as well as the "hugee."

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