Color is the life, the emotion, the animation, and the passion you express in speaking. Whether you are in conversation, holding a conference call, or giving a speech or presentation, not expressing color when you talk is referred to as speaking in monotone. Another way of saying it is boring.

I have found a distinct relationship between dressing colorfully and speaking with expression. While I am generalizing, it has been interesting to see how those who dress with color usually speak with color as well; whereas, those who do tend to be staid in their appearance often speak in a monotone.

One of my clients came to her sessions every week dressed in black with long straight black hair and no makeup. Trying to get her to put some life into her delivery was like pulling teeth. Her appearance was bland as well as her voice. She resisted change because it meant that she would have to allow for some emotion and that was her stumbling block.

Again I am generalizing, but I have found that accountants, research scientists, and professional athletes are often lacking in expressive delivery. If you look at the human dynamics model, these people are more than likely mentally-centered or physically-centered. It does not mean they do not feel emotion: they tend to keep their emotions inside. And, this is not something found just in those three professions. A surprising number of print journalists and visual artists are indeed very expressive in the printed word or in their art, but they often will not voice those emotions in speaking.

Color is heard not just in the voice but is seen in the face as well as in one’s body language. A good example of an actor with tremendous facial expression and body language is Harrison Ford. He does not have to say one word for you to know exactly how he is feeling. Just by watching the expression on his face and the movement of his body, you know what is happening.

Do not think that keeping your emotions hidden is a strength. It is not – it is a weakness. You can have the greatest voice in the world but if you speak in a monotone, exhibiting no emotion in your face or in your body language, then you will put your audience to sleep. Being expressive, be it at the lectern or just in conversation, is a requirement if you want your message to be heard.

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