What is Associative-Conditioning And Who Cares?

Have you checked out Mental Movies.com? Hold it – not yet.
They use basic psychological laws to create new habits for success, health, and personal growth. It takes six-minutes daily and is corny, but it is the Real-Deal.

I know you don’t believe in New Age rituals, me neither. Don’t be stubborn, you
snooze, you lose. Mental Movies is the sleeper that breaks the rules.

Disclaimer: we have absolutely NO financial affiliation with MM. We recommend them because their strategies are baby-easy to use, and produce results Gurus only dream about, but cannot duplicate in their students. Our graduates use and love it.

For Inquiring Minds Only

We have tested their three two-minute videos on executives, students, and our teachers. Results are so good it is scary. They use the Law of Association (linking) with the Principles of Behavior Modification – the Law of Conditioning - to produce new habits. Forget the fancy psychological terms – test it out – it is free.

So what? It gives you the competitive edge for promotions, to maintain winning
relationships, and attract large sums of dinero into your life. Suspend your skepticism and sarcasm; in this case being a Contrarian hurts.


Can you find six (6) minutes daily to view their program? Why should you?
It takes 21 days to Condition (influencing your behaviors and thinking) your mind with their positive ideas about Health, Relationships, and Money.

Mental Movies consists of simple photos, quick cuts linked to Command Affirmations. The background is rapid, rhythmic music. Sounds stupid? It creates new long-term memories in your own Neural Networks of experience and emotion.

Each time you view the three two-minute videos (daily) you Fire your specific synapses and strengthen the connections. Google: “The neurons that fire together,
wire together.” Donald O Hebb.


Most of you know ‘Habit is stronger than Reason’. It really means – our
Right-Brain (pattern recognition, spatial skills & feelings) is more powerful
than our thinking, reasoning Left-Hemisphere. Emotions always beat Will Power.

Get this: “We ARE what we repeatedly DO (rites and rituals).
Excellence, then, is NOT an Action, But a HABIT.
Aristotle: 384-322 BCE

Command Affirmations

What is the number 1 voice your brain immediately accepts without question as
correct and factual 100% of the time?

Your parents? Spouse? Boss? Government? Media?

The answer is of course your own familiar voice. It has its own link in your brain
in the area called Fusiform Gyrus as a neural network program. Your Prefrontal Cortex (Executive Brain) consults your Fusiform Gyrus for planning, problem-solving and decision-solving.


Whatever you repeat aloud or read in your own words – repetitively – with feeling and emotion – is accepted by your Executive Brain (top-down) as true and correct.

The operative word is repetition. Your brain is impressed with multiple impressions
that are emotionalized. Seeing six minutes of videos daily register in your Prefrontal
Cortex. In 21 days they create positive habits and change your behaviors and thinking.


1. “I am Ageless and Unlimited.”
2. “I am Alert and Motivated.”
3. “I am Rejuvenated Daily.”
4. “Money flows Effortlessly to me.”
5. “I Attract Money Like a Magnet.”

Repeat 1-5 three-times each with feeling as you view the videos. They appear on
the screen linked to action photos, with rhythmic music. The secret is the repetition
daily for six-minutes forming a Habit that changes your attitude, emotions, mood and beliefs.


In the last ten years – with the growth of the Internet – we have contacted a new area of Chronic Stress – Information-Overload. Admit it – you cannot keep up with the flow of knowledge in your field. Solution: ignore books, articles and reports.


If I tell you a tested and proven baby-easy strategy to Double your skill to read and
remember, will you make it part of your life? It will improve your daily fortunes.

Reasons: we live in the Knowledge Economy and we need a strategy to keep up
with the flow of new information. This Speed Reading skill leads to promotions and
financial success, together with personal satisfaction in your career.


We helped Evelyn Wood – 1909-1995 (our business partner) graduate 2 million,
including the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents: Kennedy-Johnson-Nixon-
Carter. The secret: Always read while underlining with a retracted pen – all the sentences on the page.

Your movements across and down the page with the pen acts as a Pacer for your
eyes to drive you to speed up your reading. Sound hard? Not. In the beginning it
is annoying and you will want to surrender. Practice for 21 days for 15 minutes
daily and it becomes a new power habit.


Only Inquiring Minds will implement the speed reading strategy, just as I.M.s
will go to Mind Movies.com to check out baby-easy positive habit creation for personal success.

Conclusion: More oxygen for the rest of us Inquiring Minds, and none for them.

Google: Edward Vogel, University of Oregon, “Filtering out useless (irrelevant)
information helps us increase our capacity to remember important information.”
Journal – Nature. How? Discover how to Skim-Scan-Screen long-term memory information.

To get our free detailed report on speed reading – a mighty competitive advantage
permitting you to read and remember three (3) books, articles and reports in the time your peers can hardly finish one - Contact us now.

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2 million, including the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents: