While I am traveling and at business conferences I often learn many valuable life and business lessons from those I meet along the way and those I see speak at these events. This past week I was in Las Vegas, NV at my friend Ali Brown’s wonderful event “SHINE.” This event was set up to help entrepreneurs Shine in their businesses and in their lives.

My biggest take-away was from guest speaker Barbara Corcoran, one of the hosts of the hot TV show "Shark Tank." She spoke about moving forward despite being told the big word - “No” - and being teased and told she was not talented. She shared with us a story about her journey and failures throughout her life and how the negatives, despite sometimes being painful, motivated her to keep becoming stronger as a person and more successful in her business.

Marlee Matlin also spoke at the event, and she told us how she used the constant prejudice and judgment hurled at her and in the tabloids as a catalyst to help her prove them wrong. She admitted she had to work harder than most to make up for her disability of being deaf, however, she was able to, because she wouldn’t let up and kept presenting a reason to say YES to her.

What are the Challenges that you are Facing Right Now? How Can You Take These and use this Energy to Propel Yourself forward?

Here are some quick tips to go from challenge to the finish line:

1. You first have to psych yourself up and out of negative energy and talk to yourself in positive self-talk to change your energy thinking and feeling from negative to positive

2. You then have to brainstorm new ideas to move yourself from failure or challenge to the winners circle. Make a big list of every possible solution.

3. Choose at least one solution (or maybe more than one) and then create a plan of action. Plan out all the steps thoroughly, including all the specific steps. List the support materials and people you need to help you accomplish your goal of success.

4. Implement this plan of action thoroughly until you reach success. Don’t stop short of your goal of success. If you get to a challenge, re-group, re-think, re-plan and keep on going until you reach success!

These are some quick and simple ways to prove failure is not an option for you. Challenges may come, however you don’t need to allow that to stop you from reaching success.

Oh Yes, Have Fun too!

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