Obstacles. We’ve all got them. Big, small, daunting and often derailing; our fear of the unknown and the excuses we create in order to avoid failure, are why so many really great people end up splashing in their own personal mud puddle! It’s easy to get yourself stuck in a self-depreciating and seemingly uncontrollable pattern (especially at a time like this) because you’re afraid of an unknown response. This comes into play in the personal, professional and financial lives of millions of Americans, who attribute their “failure to launch” to a series of unpleasant, past experiences…..but like I’ve said a hundred times before, experiences, good or bad, are what we learn from and what we use as the motivation to reach our goals.

What you need to do is something I call, “Silence the Committee.” The committee, also known as that little voice inside your head, is made up of the top three things that hold people back: confidence, attitude and motivation. But even before you attempt to silence them, let’s go ahead personally address the committee; please meet:

- Confidence: Our fear of failure and how this creates limits.
- Attitude: Our negative thoughts, patterns, cycles and behaviors.
- Motivation: The real (and imaginary) obstacles that stand in our way.

The committee is just an ever-expanding list of excuses that we create, revisit and put on repeat mode in our minds:

- “I won’t get a better job with my current resume” or
- “ I can’t control my life, so why bother to control my credit” or
- “I can’t save money when my debt is so high” and even
- “If I start a budget, I’ll have to suffer just to stick to it.”

It’s one negative experience, after hard-lesson, after bitter disappointment and all the while, teaching us that we’ve failed in the past, so we will undoubtedly fail in the future too! This all-too-common pattern sidelines the goals we have set for ourselves, and keeps able-bodied people from building wealth, controlling their finances, nurturing a career and ultimately, obtaining happiness.

But here is the good news! Silence the committee and you will silence the excuses! Tell yourself to put a cork in it (so to speak)! With a little adjustment and a commitment to make a choice to succeed, all of your excuses will become just fragments of events that have long been extinct (hello, it happened in the past, let’s move on!) and will no longer serve as obstacles holding you back! Life, with its many, many up’s and down’s, is too dynamic to dwell! It’s alive. It changing and it’s in flux. Get used to it! Silence that committee, and when you do, your finances, career, and your life will respond accordingly: with success!

Author's Bio: 

"Herb Kay has founded numerous companies in real estate development, lending, venture capital, and television production. In addition, he's been partner and investor in many other businesses – from restaurants to tool dealerships."

"All of this experience inspired Herb to write the New York Times Business Bestseller, How to Get Filthy Stinking Rich and Still Have Time for Great Sex: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Wealth and Happiness. The book was Herb's gateway to a host of television appearances in which he served as an expert on CNBC and FOX, among other networks and shows. He also hosted his own syndicated weekly TV show, "Get Rich Smart."