Do you know what hidden emotions are express with your finance or is it hidden in plane site from you and your partner?

Someone to bail you out

There are many emotions express in your finances and some of these are shown as when you get pay and you do your best to spend all the money you have and by the next week day starts you are broke and are looking for someone to bail you out.

When someone comes to your rescue you know that you are not alone and you put yourself in a situation to receive help.

Your identity

The emotions that you are expressing may be that you have difficulty in keeping money with you and you do the best you can to get rid of it because you are not accustom of having more than enough.

Not having money as a way of life maybe you identify and creating the ability to have more money by getting a better job will not change this within you for you will still do your best to get rid of your money as soon as it comes in.

Having new things

When you do not feel good about yourself you may go out and spend money hoping that having new things in your life will make you feel good about your life and the situations you are living.

You may notice that having new things last for a short time because the thrill is gone and now that you have it and you are ready for a new adventure in getting more things.

The feelings you are hoping to create may be joy, happiness or the desire of wanting something and proving that you can get it only to be short lived.

Fear of being alone

Fear of being alone can hold you hostage in buying things for others hoping to have them loyal and dependent on you.

Fear of being alone can help you to hold your children prisoner by doing everything you can for them only to have them unable to function as they get older and you can later complain that they are not taking their responsibilities as adults.

You may have feelings of being alone or may be going through a break up and this may show up in the way you spend money keeping yourself in debt even if it is institutional at least you are connect to something and not alone.

Children do not feel deprive

Buying all the gifts you can at Christmas time so your children do not feel deprive and you feel good about you only to serve your feelings that you are a good parent.

As a parent you may fear that your children will say to you later on that you did not give them enough or you were not their for them and so you overdo in giving to them things to quiet your guilty mind.

You may over give to others hoping someday you will be recognize for your worth and you may get thank you from others and still feel you are missing something inside.

Break the cycles

Your hidden emotions with finance can reveal to you what is your motivator for you to do the things you do for yourself and other and to help you to understand how to use your money in other ways, and to break the cycles that you do not feel is helping you and your family to be better individuals.

Conclusion : Learning to understand what hidden emotions are express in your finance can help you to get your feelings other ways without putting yourself and your family in debt.

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