So, what in the universe does quantum physics have to do with business? Only EVERYTHING! Let me explain.

Quantum is the study of the fundamental particles from which all matter forms. Physics is the science that deals with matter as energy in motion and force. Thus, quantum physics is the branch of a new wave of science based on quantum theory, which describes and predicts the properties of all physical systems.

Now you see why ‘everything’ is my answer to the question? Do you realize the potential here? A science which can help us to understand the very nature of the physical changes we are currently experiencing on this earth.

Quantum represents the potentiality in business to create profound influence. Physics represents the ways in which that potentiality is applied and realized. New scientific breakthroughs tell us there’s another, better approach than what we are currently using, but here’s why we’re so off course right now:

The limiting concepts from Newtonian physics continues to be the primary influence upon which our everyday lives are based: one thing logically leading to another/this causes that/one thing logically leads to another. This thought form no longer describes what is actually happening.

There is an immediate need for business to evolve even beyond the limited triple bottom line thinking of economic, ecological and social considerations. There are unlimited factors involved in every aspect of business. This level of consideration I call the quantum bottom line.

As quantum entrepreneurs, we must begin to take ALL aspects of life under advisement. We must, to create a new shift upon this earth. In this role, as conscious leaders we must begin introducing these concepts while modeling innovative behaviors for our team. Based on who we are as individuals and aligned with our purpose and passion.

Whether the circumstance in this moment concern employee satisfaction, customer relations or financial upheaval, it really doesn’t matter. All must be a consideration of the whole known and unknown factors. As a business entrepreneur, you have science on your side as you consider the quantum quotient of all aspects of business; every department, every negotiation, every employee and every smallest relationship.

All this talk about quantum this and quantum that doesn’t need to be complex. We’re really only taking the quantum nature of the universe and applying it to business. This is where understanding the quantum nature of the universe is important.
Drawing upon one of nature’s most incredible quantum ‘inventions,’ let’s use a plant seed as an example. Think of the enormous potential it contains; specifically, with proper support and nutrition, one seed has the ability to produce a tree and provide abundant fruit to feed and to nurture. And so it is by applying quantum physics to business.

One kind gesture seed, one change of perception seed, one willingness to change seed, one lead by example seed, just one conscious seed has the potential, with proper support to inspire exponential growth and provide abundant fruit to nurture your business and the lives of everyone associated with your business.

As quantum leaders, we move boldly in a new direction because we now know we control our own reality and are interconnected with everything and everyone. With awareness, compassion and humility we forge a fresh path/ a new WAY of being.

Business owners who are focused on implementing quantum level methods are the ones who will prosper in these transformational times. Simply being open to a new way of understanding opens you and your business to unlimited potential. Come experience your unlimited potential at One Spirit Weekend as we support one another in our evolving roles as awakening leaders.

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Morgan Langan is a main presenter at One Spirit Weekend in Sedona Arizona Oct. 2-5, 2009 He will guide you through the MBA Program, key principles for becoming A Master in Being to step into your own power by cultivating vibrancy and abundance within your Mind, Body, Spirit & Business.

Morgan is the co-Founder of One Spirit Weekend and the co-creator of Grace Grove Retreat Center. Together with his life partner, Puma, he creates sacred space to guide people through life transformative processes. Morgan is also the Author of The Ultimate MBA Program; A Masters in Being Alive and facilitator of the MBA Program at Grace Grove Retreat Center.

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