To be a light worker is to become a liberated human being, a real player and server in the life process. It is only in and through individuals who are real players—the ones who have realised what a privilege it is—that God (or the energy and intelligence that started the creative process) can actually do anything. If you put yourself in God's position, you will see that you wouldn't be able to create the future in and through a selfish, self-centered person who experiences incarnation as a burden. There wouldn't be any room for you in such an individual's heart, mind, and soul.

The energy and intelligence that started the creative process is not the slightest bit concerned with your personal struggle. That intelligence, which is your own authentic self, is only interested in your availability to serve. When you become available, that energy starts surging through you. When enough channels within you are no longer clogged with the ego's personal fears and desires, the energy of the authentic self will become the driving force in your being. It's a very impersonal process.

Feeling that “I'm not ready yet,” is a crazy position for a lightworker to take, because life is already happening and you’re bang smack in the middle of it; so you are claiming to not be ready for something that is already happening. The ego is very good at creating this illusion that “not being ready yet” somehow makes sense. It's actually a stubborn choice you make to avoid having to deal with reality, because reality can be quite overwhelming. That's just the way it is. Life is big, it's intense, and the more courage you have to look into what it's really about, the bigger and more intense it becomes. When you awaken your authentic self and begin to experience a passionate sense of care for Gaia, you become less concerned with how your ego feels, and more concerned with engaging in reality in the fullest way possible. It becomes imperative that you find a way to bear the intensity of your own life, while always being ready to shoulder the responsibilities of what it means to be a lightworker. This means cleaning up your backyard and working on your psychological clarity.

Your issues are on a personality level. Taking everything that goes on in life personally, and thinking it is all about you, is an energy drain and just adds to the burdens Gaia carries. This doesn’t mean that you float out of your body and hang out in your light bodies exclusively or take up residence in your head. That is going absent without leave. Being a lightworker means being grounded into the core of the earth and holding the tension between being here as a human being and expanding out into the higher bodies as an extension of yourself. Wanting to contract, or stay the same size, is not coming from a heart space. Whenever you choose to contract, you are blocking the flow of energy in yourself and in the planet.

When you don’t take stuff personally the need for suffering disappears. You see all discord as something that simply needs to be cleared and you get on with that job. Suffering does nothing but suck life force out of the planet. When you see yourself as a cell of Gaia and review the effects of your behaviour, only then will you get a sense of just what effect you have on Gaia.

In order to serve Gaia you will need to let go of the personal stories that you carry around like a badge of honour. Stories such as “I’m like this because my Dad did such and such”. You may need to tell your stories in order to clear the judgment that is holding the story in place, but do not have your stories define who you are. Everytime you tell a story to justify and define your limitations, it just digs a deeper groove in your psyche, and more deeply defines that which you so wish to move beyond. When you get ready to tell stories, check your motives. Are you sharing them with someone as a tool to uplift, or so that you can clear the past and create a brighter future for yourself and others, or are you telling them so that they bog you down and keep you stuck where you are? Remember---As Above, So Below---everything you do to yourself affects Gaia.

The personal tragedies and dramatic productions we concoct are another uninteresting waste of energy. Dramas are the illusions that we muster up to take us away from doing what we came here to do. They distract us from facing the truth. When you get sucked into a drama it seems life-threatening and almost the end of the world right? Yet, how many of those have you survived?!

There are stages in the self actualisation process when the annihilation of the ego can make you feel like you are in a bad way. It’s never going to feel soft and fluffy. You are destroying that which you have falsely identified with for the bulk of your life and the ego never dies without putting up a good fight. Be assured that this is an indication that the process is really working. How often do you see this process for what it is, and allow it? The tendency can be to feel sorry for yourself and have a pity party. This is not a life supporting energy to be putting into the earth. The more grace you can apply at this time, the easier the process, and the less stress for Gaia. See the process for what it is, not what your personality wants you to believe.

All this indicates an attachment to playing small. You need to ask yourself, if your behaviour is serving you and what effect does it have on Gaia? You aren’t helping Gaia by holding onto your attachments. Attachments are an attack on Gaia because you attack anyone or anything that threatens your attachments. Judgment traps energy and this builds up to the point where Gaia can’t even breathe properly. So why can’t you let go of all your judgments? Rather selfish really when you look at it. You call yourself a light worker, but when you are draining energy from Gaia, it’s hardly working with the light.

Choose to make self-worth a given in every moment, just like your heart beating or you breathing. It’s not something that fluctuates with every behaviour that you still judge. You become part of the problem when you allow your self-worth to plummet. Choose to step over the worthiness line and hold self-worth in all moments, regardless of what’s going on; it’s your divine birthright.

Become aware of when your self-worth is just about to spiral downwards, because of a choice made in the moment, and marshal your will to hold worthiness where it is and spiral it upwards. You can set up a warning signal when you are about to allow your self-worth to plummet so you can marshal your will. Choose to see that whatever is going on for you in that moment is not tacked onto your self-worth. Review the situation, don’t reclaim it, don’t dramatise it, and don’t go to a pity party or feel sorry for yourself.

We are all spiritual beings connected and part of the One Heart. If you feel stuck you just come back to the heart, get in the elevator and look at things from a higher and broader perspective in the here and now. For a light worker, love and the expansion of love is the single most important thing. Love is when we come from the heart. Be prepared to find this love within yourself, even when you feel that is the last thing you can do. Be involved yet detached, so that you can see what is really going on yet not allow your personality or ego to fool you into thinking that you have to keep it alive and let it dictate conditions. From this space it’s easy to review, not reclaim.

As a light worker you have a spiritual in-tray, that connects you with any planetary healing work that needs to be done. Become aware of your in-tray so you know when ‘upstairs’ – the various inner plane spiritual hierarchies - have work for you, or energy which needs to be transmuted. There is a lot of psychic pollution in Gaia’s bodies and parts of her matrix get put on dialysis, so to speak, to be regenerated. When you get the signal that you have some work in your in-tray, act on it immediately. Don’t wait until you have finished your barbeque or had a nap. You will have your own indicators to know when something has gone into your in-tray.

Engaging in planetary healing is an opportunity to step up in leadership, something that you have been preparing for over many lifetimes. Please realise it is a blessing to be able to assist Gaia and Humanity in this way. She is going through a tough time, can you really feel and acknowledge this within? Of course, your level of personal clarity and integration will strongly affect how effective you are as a planetary healer. Any ego or fear within your system runs the risk of bring transferred into the planet if you indulge your ego. It is time to let go of any childish, selfish behaviour and truly embrace worthiness. It is easy to get caught up in the feelings associated with what you are processing on a planetary level, and then turn it into a drama rather than just transmuting it. Again, it’s not all about you. It is not just processing your stuff, it’s processing what you are feeling all the time as you are part of a larger system. You serve to your fullest when you serve with humility, respect and selflessness. You have asked to serve many times, and now you have the opportunity to do so. In past lives many light workers have not followed through with this commitment, and were shutdown. Now you have the opportunity to clear this and act as a mature, working light worker and Master.

Be aware 24/7 and monitor everything you feel. Engage with your environmental and planetary body, commune with the planetary beings and run Cosmosis™ * over the planet, on everything you feel and run the violet flame. Take life in, not on, transform it into love, and radiate love out. Feel passionate enough to make this your true work day.

Each morning attune through the heart to spirit and say, “Mother, Father God, thy will not my will be done, make me an instrument of thy peace, how may I serve?” Then check your spiritual in-tray, feel into how Gaia and run the Cosmosis™ process on whatever you feel, until there is a feeling of emptiness, serenity and knowing that you have pulled your weight as an elder brother or sister. You can do this while you live your life; this is part of spiritual leadership. Maintain awareness 24/7 and do not go to sleep until your in-tray is empty. This will open you to the wonders of the universe. It is a great honour and privilege to serve in this way and this is what it means to be a light worker.

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Jenny Parker has studied the healing process and accelerated human change for over 25 years. This knowing and wisdom is put to good use with people worldwide in her work as a coach and mentor, teacher, writer and inspirational speaker. For more info go to or email