Do what I did when I first started my search to find out what others knew about the chill(s.) Just ask four or five people if they have felt a chill or the chills? Then ask what do they think this feeling is? Have they felt the chill(s) alot?

You will receive all types of answers. Most people will say they have felt the chill(s), and then forgot about them. They forget until the next time the chill(s) come back. It seems like most of us are not aware of any significance or are just blind to the experience.

I was like this for years. I felt chills, did not think about it, and went about my business. Later in life, I happened by to notice chills by accident, and became more aware of the phenomenon.

I urge you to go to my website, , which is presently set up in questionnaire form to help you become more aware and to help me in my writing about the chills.

The questions you will be asked include......

-What do you think the chill(s) are?
-Do the chill(s) vary in intensity?
-Are there "bad" chill(s)?
-Are there "cold" chill(s)?
-Are there different types of chill(s)?
-If so, do they feel different or is the feeling the same?
-If you feel the chill(s) with music, is it from the melody or the words of the song?
-When do you feel the chill(s)?
-Are there emotional chill(s)?

There are more questions and again I appreciate any help you can provide. I believe you will find the experience enlightening. Later, I will answer all questions as I believe. In order to make this experience the best it can be, my views given before your input would be counterproductive. Feel free however, to ask any question, and I will answer the best I can. I will also share some of the insights I receive from this survey in a future article.

Peace and thanks,

Author's Bio: 

Don Wadington
Student and teacher of the chill(s)energy
Have helped ease people's pains over the years with the chill(s)energy