The results of a Business Class poll asking customers what they appreciate?
A smile, good eye contact, good manners, a respectful greeting. a thank you, being called by name, quick service, going beyond expectations.

All great things to give to our customers.

As much as we wish for perfection, there will be times that – we mess up. What then?
Well – customers also appreciate – a willingness to acknowledge, accept and fix problems.

– not like the cleaners in the Cathy cartoon – where they blamed everyone and everything but themselves for these strange orange blobs that were on Cathy’s blouse when she picked it up. They took absolutely no blame.

Not at Carolina cleaners. In a Business Class interview, owner Charlie Nelson explained that they live by their promise – if a garment is promised back at a certain time – and it isn’t there when promised – the order is free! Their motto: “It’s on time, or it’s on US!”

It doesn’t matter if the boiler goes down, or the compressor quits or whatever – if they are late – maybe it wasn’t their fault – but they made the promise – so they consider it their responsibility to deliver!

Of course – do all you can to do things right. And – because you know it won’t always happen – decide what you will you do when things do go wrong?

A perfect example of doing business better and doing it with class.

Author's Bio: 

Jan has thirty years of sales and management experience and loves sharing it (plus her love for solving problems and for making work fun) with others so that they can get through tough situations, make big goals and celebrate these achievements.

She is now President of Business Class Inc which provides resources to managers and business owners such as one-on-one coaching, master mind groups and management team retreats. Plus FREE resources such as a Blog, E-Zine and Quote Libary, which includes over 100 motivational quotes ready to download, print, post and share to help teach, learn, remind and reinforce important keys for business success.