What you can attract using the law of attraction is totally up to you. The law of attraction is a law that is not biased or judgmental. It is always on, it is always working. It doesn't discern between what is good or what is bad according to your belief systems. It operates by simple vibration. What you're sending out to the universe is exactly what you're getting back.

Every time. Without fail.

Regardless of whether or not you like what's showing up in your life.

We Are Energy - Everything is Energy
The illusion of separation that we experience belies the truth of what science is now showing us: everything is energy and everything is interconnected. During the experiments of quantum physics, many scientists have discovered that particles, even when separated at a great distance, will act in the same manner as if they were still joined. Each particle responds as if it were still joined -- when a thing happens to one particle -- across the distance the other particle responds as if it happened to it.

The Law of Attraction Works
Myself, I have used the universal law of attraction to draw to me or "magnetize" my soul mate, my dream car, and my dream house, just to name a few of the things I've created. And I've created much, much more than just these things -- both good and bad.

It's funny how the Universe works - it almost never works according to how you think it should. It will avail itself of every possible means to bring you what you desire, when you have magnetized your desire to you.

I remember when I decided to finally get clear about the kind of person I wanted to be with. After surviving a brutal relationship, quite literally, I decided that the problem I had was in defining what I didn't want in a mate.

I realized that it wasn't the good qualities of a person that were ever at issue; it was their negative qualities - and how much of their negativity would I be willing to accept. So I decided to write a list starting with what I didn't want in a mate. I wrote down everything that I didn't want on one side of the page.

Then on the other side of the page, I wrote down their positive qualities. When I was done with this list, I was able to create a master list of the type and personality of the person I wanted to be with. Then I gave it up to the universe meaning, I flew my kite high and then let go of the string. I detached from any and all results and began a love affair with myself.

Love Yourself Unconditionally
I started taking myself out on dates and buying gifts for myself that I imagined a lover might buy for me. I gave to myself what I wanted from another person and the more I did this and the more I enjoyed it, little did I realize that I was moving closer to the manifestation of my dream partner.

I Stacked The Odds
And I stacked the odds on my list; one of the requirements is that the person be someone I knew (someone from my past, a past friend or buddy, someone I went to school with, that sort of thing.) I had a desire to have history, to have a shared background. And when I wrote that trait down, I didn't have a soul in mind. Actually, if you focus on one person you know and you "think" is the person for you, by experience I can tell you that you can create a lot of havoc and suffering in your life by doing so. Let the universe bring you your desires - the universe will cook up your meal better than if you cooked it yourself.

And when Mr. Wonderful, and he is still Mr. Wonderful after more than 13 years of being together, showed up, I was as surprised by him as he was me. We have since discovered that we are more like twin souls than soul mates and we easily mirror each other very well. This can make for some energetic engagements, but I'll let you in on a secret: life is never boring in my home!

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