With all of the big bad scary news blaring at us, you must ask yourself this question! I’d typically call it a provocative question to reflect on, beyond the literal meaning of digestion. In today’s climate, it’s essential to your well being and any chance of fueling smart, inspired success.
What am I digesting?... How am I nourishing my body, spirit and mind?

Increase your active awareness- "spy on yourself" about what you are digesting. Not just food, but everything that you are exposed to--that could be nourishing, draining or potentially toxic to your system. Are you digesting agitating news upon waking or violent TV before falling asleep? Gossip at the water cooler? Road rage? What would be smart, inspiring fuel? Gratitude? Positive energy exchanges with your partner or friends? How can you enhance the positive nourishment and offset some of the not-so-great stuff that's just part of real life these days? Whatever we focus on expands. Gratitude stirs up abundance and joy. Gossip and gripes stir up more negative energy. How can you be smart by consciously managing what fills your mind, and thus your life experience, work performance, etc.?
These questions are not meant to be answered quickly, and perhaps never answered completely. Consider these inquiries to chew on for a week or so, and let insights come. There’s an invitation to slow down, reflect deeply and get profoundly curious. Ideally, this leads to a new level of understanding and possibly new choices or actions. Live with the question fully and you will be more awake, more apt to create an inspired life for yourself and those around you.
You can add the word “today” to the end of the question to infuse your day with more intention and inspiration. Use this specific question, or let it inspire your own customized question of the week.

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Named one of 50 top coaches in America, Marian Baker is a master certified coach, author and speaker who specializes in equipping progressively-minded professionals to be the new kind of inspired leaders we need now to create truly sustainable success—for better lives and a better world. Her book, "Wake Up Inspired - Fuel Healthier Success and Love the Life You're Meant to Lead" has earned 5-star reviews and national Book of the Year Awards. She’s been featured on ABC-TV, in PINK Magazine, Health Magazine and other media. She loves this work and falls asleep grateful in Chicago. Visit www.WakeUpInspired.com