A thought for today… what are you bringing to the party called life?

I’m talking about conscious bringing, not just what you have inherited in any manner. That means that if you are inherently intelligent thanks to your parents, what do you do with that intelligence? Do you put it to good use in bettering the world?

If you are attractive looking or talented in some way (musically, for example), are you making good use of that aspect of yourself , striving to improve the world and the people you meet each day?

If you happen to have a lot of money thanks to your predecessors, are you investing in that which will be of benefit to more than just you?

No matter what you inherited, and no matter what you have accomplished in any realm, each and every day you have the opportunity to make a difference.

Even if you consider yourself to be without anything, you still have how you interact with the world to offer.

Here’s my suggestion for a new meaning for the term BYOB:


Bring your joy, your compassion, your understanding, your thoughtfulness, your attention, your acknowledgment, your presence to each and every day.

And watch what happens when you do…

Copyright 2009 Robert S. Vibert

Author's Bio: 

Robert S. Vibert is a 'big-picture" Applied Researcher of numerous techniques, philosophies and methods developed both in ancient and modern times to provide awareness, guidance, emotional health, and insight. He is constantly discovering new information, methodologies, and insights into how our hearts, minds and bodies work, how we interact with each other and how one can utilize simple but effective steps to improve our lives.