As I am a traveller, I am often asked by people 'What are the people like, in this place or that place?'

My answer is always a simple one ' How do you find the people where you are now?'
The truth is - how you find the people where you are right now, is how you will find the people everywhere else!

'Lasting Success and happiness comes mostly from within and goes with you wherever you go, whenever you go' Terrie Anderson The Little Red Success Book
Happiness we carry within us, it's very portable and light. Unfortunately other emotions like misery, frustration, fear, impatience and intolerance are also very portable, although not so light to carry. (Hard to walk with a spring in your step and a song in your heart with a heavy emotional load).

Generally speaking, if you find the people where you are now are warm, friendly, helpful, trustworthy and fun - then that is exactly how you will find them wherever you go ( with some cultural differences of course).

Similarly, if where you are now you find the people anti-social, unfriendly, rude and unhelpful - then that’s what you are likely to find anywhere else you go.

We reflect our inner selves in the people we meet - everywhere, everytime!
Imagine that it is like a mirror, what we see is reflected back to us. You can park your car at a lookout and you can see the poor condition of the park, the litter left around by inconsiderate trash heads, you can see the ugly chimney stack to the left, or you can just go and appreciate what the person saw who established the lookout – a beauty point on Earth! That is the same with the people we meet – see the person and do not judge just by the outer shell.

In Southern Africa, I have met some people with a culture that when they meet people they make two very special gestures. First they shake hands by placing their left hand on their right arm, and shaking then with the right hand. This is considered a sign of respect and trust, there is no malice in the other hand. Next they greet you with an expression that translates ‘I See You, Terrie Anderson’ , by this they explained it meant they see past the colour of my skin, the clothes I wear, where I stand politically and economically but they see my spirit, the real me. I think this is a fabulous way to approach people in your mind, see them, not the outer appearance. You will be very well rewarded for taking this approach.

If you have bitterness in your heart or a negative attitude then that will be reflected back to you. So, if you carry happiness in your soul, a ready smile, a tolerance for culture then that positive energy just radiates back to you, and is even magnified many times.

A couple of examples close to my heart:

I have met a few times check in clerks who have just given the last client a hard time, but when I come to the desk this feeling quickly changes, and I often even receive an unexpected bonus and smiles from that same person.

We have a very dear friend, and she owns a restaurant. We sometimes have a laugh about the fact that when we first went to her restaurant she acted in a very unwelcoming way and how that changed instead to grow into a wonderful friendship and a more successful business for her.

This does not mean you should rush out and trust everyone you meet immediately, but it does mean you will less likely attract negativity into your life if you exude positive energy.

You should use all the same sensible precautions when you meet someone at home or abroad, and take time to get to know people safely, but as general acquaintance such as shopping, cafes, hotels, airline checkins, at the bus stop - that's where you can really see the difference shine through with a positive attitude from you.

Remember - You Are Amazing - Radiate Positive Energy!

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Terrie Anderson is the author of The Little Red Success Book and other publications on Human Potential, High Performance Team Building and Essence of Leadership. Terrie has had a very successful corporate career and also coaches and mentors a very small group of people throughout the world. In 2009 Terrie Anderson will be available again for speaking engagements for public or corporate events.
The Little Red Success Book is about to be released for the first time as an online version.