Nothing is more frustrating for your listeners then when they are unable to distinguish what you really mean by what your voice is or isn’t doing. Given the wrong tone, the wrong inflection, the wrong volume or a total lack of vocal variety and your voice could be saying one thing when you mean something else.

I had a client who was very warm when you met her in person. Over the phone however, she sounded cold and indifferent. When I would phone her – with the number she had provided – it sounded like she was annoyed at me for calling her at work. (She knew full well that I would be phoning because this is something I do with my private and workshop clients as I’m testing them to see if they are breathing and using their ‘real’ voice when they answer.)

I later spoke to Megan about this and she admitted that she didn’t like the telephone. So, I recorded her in a mock role-play situation – answering the phone, holding a conversation, and also leaving voicemail messages. She was stunned when I played back the recording, acknowledging that she certainly didn’t sound like she welcomed the call.

Megan made an extraordinary change regarding her views about the phone and how she was to deal with it by working on speaking with life and emotion instead of her previous monotone responses.

If you are shy, for example, you may be speaking very softly to shield yourself from being heard. Or perhaps you are afraid of expressing emotion for fear that others may see your enthusiasm as a sign of weakness. No matter your reasoning, your listeners or your audience deserve to hear your voice and your message complimenting each other. You may love the product you sell, but if your tone is not enthusiastic, you probably won’t close the deal.

If you are unsure about your tone, your vocal variety, or your volume, record yourself and study the playback. What do you hear or what do you not hear? Be hard in your judgment and ask yourself if you like what you are hearing. Everyone can change for the better in this respect. You have it in you to speak with color – that which makes the voice interesting to listen to – if you give yourself permission to do so.

Don’t allow your voice and tone to say one thing when you mean another. Your personal and professional life will definitely improve if you ensure that your voice is expressing what your words are saying.

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