Men the same as women have many different views about styling and wearing their hair, especially when it comes to events such as work functions and weddings.

Combing, styling or parting their hair in their own way, but they all have the same goal in mind. To keep their crowning beautiful and glorious in the event that they meet someone they know or have their photo taken.

Men’s haircut, women’s haircuts, care, and styling can be as casual or complex as you might want. Yet, it will reveal a lot about your profession, personality, and professionalism.

What your hair part will reveal

Left parting hairstyle
People that part their hair from left to right normally come forward as analytical, logical, orderly and aggressive. They are usually controlled by their brain’s left hemisphere.

This will draw them to activities that are considered alpha, mentally challenging and masculine. You will see yourself as smart, organized and open-minded. However other people may see you as smart and very well structured. These people tend to always look neat and professional in any photograph.

Right parting hairstyle
Individuals that part their hair from right to left are normally perceived as spontaneous, creative and emotional people. They are controlled by their brain’s right hemisphere which is more feminine because this is the emotional side.

The way you see yourself will be intuitive, caring and sometimes even overly personal. Other people will view you as unique, eccentric and independent.

Centre parting hairstyle
Persons that part their hair in the center are usually viewed as easy going and calm individuals. They are not partial to any side of the brain because they will use both sides equally most of the time.

They will see themselves as a social butterfly that can adapt to any environment. Plus, they will also be charming and easily convinced. Other people will see them as calm and collected, but don’t always have solid convictions.

Have a look at your friends who love posting their pictures online or who sits in for every wedding photography shoot. These are usually people with a center part or no part in their hair.

No parting hairstyles
Persons that don’t care about hair parting styles are usually described as relaxed and carefree. They are very similar to the people with center parting hairstyles because they also don’t favor any specific brain hemisphere.

They normally view themselves as fuss-free and casual. Other people see them as someone that doesn’t do very well in formal settings and sometimes even tend to be a doormat to others.

Random parting hairstyles
Individuals that randomly change their parting hairstyle, depending on the mood they are in, normally gets viewed as bold and experimental. The way they see themselves is expressive and outspoken. They may also get easily bored. Other people might feel they are exciting, yet, unreliable and unpredictable.

It appears that the way people see you and perceive your appearance will play a big role in business. Surprisingly your hair parting style will affect the way people will analyze you. Men may be encouraged to go for the left parting style because it will make them look masculine and professional, especially for business purposes.

The effect that a Man’s Beard has

First impressions always count the most. In the past, you might be able to predict the man’s personality through his facial hair. Facial hair spoke of a man’s preference for politics, religion, and class.

But from the late-20th to the mid-21st century it is more difficult to read people according to their facial hairs. Many people will project a meaning onto mustaches and beards. However, it might not really align to who and what the man is.

Here are some guidelines to try and understand, but don’t judge him on this in the professional world.

A full beard
Full beards normally get associated with older men like professors, as well as a religious association which comes with some historical weight. It sounds a bit like an old-fashioned style. Yet, we certainly see many young men today that also like to have a full beard.

A goatee beard
A man who is stuck in the past – It was popular and made a statement in the 1990s, but there are still men that wear it. Some people will feel if your dad and the dentist still have a goatee, then the son should change his look.

The scruffy/stubble beard
A man who follows the latest trends – Many men like to wear this style of beard and if you think it is an easy style, think again. It takes a lot to maintain this beard and keep it neat. If not maintained it will look dirty.

A man who likes to have fun – It’s a very playful look and you might think of Elvis if you think of sideburns. Nonetheless, some will also think it is a look for hipsters and suitable for the college campuses.

The chinstrap
A man that makes a pathetic cry for some attention – It’s normally for guys that want to push the envelope and at the same time like to be asked about his beard.

A mustache
A man that is a bit cocky – In today’s time, it’s common among younger men that feel confident with it. They feel whatever anyone reads into their mustache doesn’t bother them.

The horseshoe mustache
A man that is rebellious – This style is mostly associated with bikers and wrestlers.

The handlebar mustache
A man with a very pleasant personality – This is a bit of old fashion and people will think of a southern gentleman. Images of the barbershop quartets and your famous baseball player Rollie Fingers sipping some tea on a porch is associated with this look.

Mutton Chops
A gentleman with a big heart – What comes to mind is that he is a Victorian gentleman.

The clean-shaven
A man who is a bit preppy – It usually portrays an open and honest look. It seems that many younger men go back and forth with having some kind of beard to being cleanly shaven.

Men’s Haircut for the Businessman

You want a snazzy haircut but also something that is professional. You want a style that will reflect your personality at the same time.

How to go about this and meet all the demands simultaneously?

To find a great-looking hairstyle for work-related or business reasons, can sometimes be difficult especially if you are not sure of what you’re looking for.

Here are some things that you can take into consideration.

Men’s Haircut Business Style
Traditionally, it was required for office jobs that you have a haircut which is more conservative. Specifically, to maintain the appearance of well-groomed staff members.

The haircuts recommended will typically vary from crew cuts that are super-short to one that is slightly longer like the classic taper, or Ivy League haircut.

There are three components that are essential for a good business hairstyle:

Conservativeness – This doesn’t need to mean boring or plain. The aesthetic for a business hairstyle is most of the time nondescript and more laid-back. There is no reason that it can’t be stylish.

Cleanness – This means that for a good business hairstyle it should be closely and nicely trimmed all around the edges. The men’s haircut should look tidy and evenly cut. This will normally depend on the stylist or barber that cuts your hair. Therefore, you need to make sure that you choose one that is reputable.

Versatility – At first this can seem to be counterintuitive, but with a true business hairstyle you will be able to wear it in a wide range of styles for every occasion.

It has to be appropriate whether you are going to work, attending a very prestigious ceremony, or only having dinner with your whole family. Most men’s haircut will be in accordance with the business they are in and their flexibility.

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