The immune system is responsible for ALL of the healing that takes place in the body. When it is weakened by poor diet or stress, symptoms appear. There are many things that can be done to help support the health of our immune system, so our body is more resistant to illness and disease. By keeping our immune system strong, our body is less likely to get sick, because our bodies internal environment does not support the proliferation of harmful pathogens. One of the best ways to ensure optimal health is to make lifestyle choices that promote a healthy internal balance.

Here are 8 simple things that you can do daily to support and strengthen your immune system.

Eat More Alkalizing Foods- Eat more raw, organic vegetables. Harmful pathogens cannot thrive in an alkaline internal environment in the body. Commit to having an 8 ounce green salad everyday.

Stop Eating Acid Producing Foods- Cut out sugar! Sugar paralyzes the immune system. Eliminate wheat. Wheat spikes your blood sugar as much as white table sugar and it is an appetite stimulant. Eliminate coffee, alcohol and animal products. These are all highly acidic forming in the body. The secret to not eating these type of foods--is to not have them around. Clean out your kitchen!

Eat Superfoods- These are extremely potent whole foods that are rich in nutrients and include foods like: goji berries, maca, chlorella. Have a superfood smoothie everyday! Blended drinks are easy to digest, convenient and delicious!

Eat Coconut Oil- Most people are fat starved in our culture, because they are afraid of eating fat. Your body needs the right kind of fat. Healthy fats are essential for the body, which is why they are called “essential” fatty acids. Healthy fats do not make you fat. In fact, when you start eating healthy fats, like coconut oil, your body can let go of the fat it has been storing! Coconut oil is one of the cleanest sources of fuel for the body. It is anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Add one teaspoon to your superfood smoothie, everyday. Eliminate chemical moisturizers and use coconut oil on your skin.

Expose Your Skin to Sunlight-Vitamin D is crucial for proper immune function. It is also required for proper hormone balance and mood regulation. There is NO substitute for natural sunlight when it comes to getting vitamin D! 15-20 minutes is all you need every few days (as Vitamin D is stored in the body).

Get More Sleep-Most people are sleep deprived. Sleep restores hormone levels so your body can cope with stress. Cellular repair happens during sleep. 8-10 hours is optimal. If you wake up feeling tired, you are not getting enough sleep. Sleep whenever you feel tired. Take naps during the day if needed.

Stay Hydrated-drink 1 ounce of water for every 2 pounds of body weight each day. Salt your food to taste. The more whole, living foods you eat, the more salt you will need to add to your food. You cannot stay hydrated without salt! In fact, you can become dehydrated by drinking too much water. Use only whole salts (like Himalayan Sea Salt) and never eat white “table salt”.

Reduce Stress- Stress creates acidity in the body. Reducing stress naturally can be done by simply choosing to stop everything. Close your eyes. Just breathe deep and relax your mind. Tune into your body. Let your thoughts flow in--but then allow them to flow out--without “engaging” with them. Notice how each thought makes your body feel inside. Then, return your attention to your breath. The trick is to stay in the “space” between thoughts as you breathe. Even if you only have a moment--you can pause--and take a deep breath. Commit to taking a pause each day.

Author's Bio: 

Mary Beauchamp,R.N. is passionate about teaching people how to unlock their bodies innate intelligence to heal itself by leveraging super food nutrition and the power of beliefs. She is dedicated to clearing up the confusion and misinformation about nutrition and she offers simple solutions for busy people who are ready to action and create better health.