Social network marketing is a new marketing tool that is becoming more and more popular. In conjunction with SEO it is a quick way to uplift your bottom line.

What is a social network?

A social network is a website on the Internet. It is a virtual community bringing together people with common interests and purposes. The objective is to share ideas, interests, even gossip, and to make new friends.

There are many types of social networks:

• Sharing sites like, YouTube, Flickr

Networking sites, like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter

• News sites, like Digg, Reddit, Technorati

• Book marking sites, like Delicious, Digg

• Review sites, like Epinions, Viewpoint

Integration of social network marketing:

During the last decade or so, the idea of integrating SEO with social networks as part of marketing strategy has taken root in the business world. Many large companies have implemented this scheme successfully and the results have been very beneficial. Smaller companies have also been following suit, albeit somewhat more slowly.


FaceBook is leading the pack in social network marketing and we can take it as a typical example for our discussions.

The first step before you can access the website is to formally join FaceBook and get your login. The process starts with submitting your profile which gives details of yourself and/or your company. Once you are accepted as a member and allotted a FaceBook account you can start locating other people who are already members of the community and also create new friends for yourself. You can submit your own posts covering personal information and information about your company. At the same time you will be visiting the posts from other members. This will start the ball rolling, enabling interactions and discussions on subjects of mutual interest. As you widen you circle of friends there will more and more of such interactions.

In a relatively short time you will have new friends and new groups who share and will partake in your interests and passions. You can promote your events and persuade your friends to join in. Organizing such events will also increase your exposure. You can start a blog or newsletter and invite contributions from other members. Remember it is necessary to keep your blog alive and updated with new and interesting content to sustain reader interest. If you are so inclined, you can even subscribe to an RSS feed and integrate it into your blog to attract more visitors.

One of the great benefits of social network marketing is that you get opportunities to make contacts with many other top marketers and gain acceptance into their circle of friends. There are even possibilities of starting joint ventures with them.

Mobile marketing:

Mobile marketing is different in that it makes use of wireless media. It usually works along with other digital applications and has significant advantages, e.g.:

• It is simple to create and operate and gives virtually immediate access to your target audience

• Communication is almost foolproof and can reach your customers without constraints of time or place

• SMS messages can be designed for personalized content and sent in bulk to reach multiple customers almost instantaneously

• It can be easily integrated with other advertising methods including press, radio and TV.


Social network marketing is an effective marketing program when it is used correctly and will yield enormous benefits to businesses big and small.

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