North of Toronto in the southern York Region lay many neighbourhoods that offer a cheaper alternative to downtown living. The western and eastern edges of York Region aren’t as popular, as prices tend to increase as you get further away from these less-desirable cities. As an example, moving from Scarborough to Markham is seen by most as moving into a nicer area. Better yet, York Region is home to some of the best schools in the entire country and there is little crime in this region. Among the cities of York Region, Vaughan, Markham and Richmond Hill have more individuals commuting in than out on a daily basis. Each of these locations host a large number of jobs, despite being labelled as suburbs. The distance from these northern cities to downtown Toronto isn’t a huge factor for most either. For those who do work in downtown Toronto, there are three GO lines in the region alone, and there will be a subway in Vaughan very soon. These are just a few examples as to why the housing prices in York have now risen above Oakville and other suburbs in the area.

Why People Buy Condos in Richmond Hill

The condos available in Richmond Hill boast a number of beautiful, modern suite options, with plans for more trend-setting developments to come. Amenities in many of these condos range from in-suite washer and dryer, to fitness rooms and indoor pools. Many Richmond Hill condominiums are on or close to Yonge Street, making them accessible to numerous communities via public transit, and also close to the best entertainment, restaurants and shopping districts in the region. Condos in Richmond Hill will remain in high demand in the coming years, as the entire region plans on continuing their plans for growth and accessibility.
For those who are looking for an attractive and convenient place to live, Richmond Hill has it all. It has become the third-most diverse city in Canada and demonstrates strong developments in education, innovation and society. The city also has the highest number of graduates in engineering, science and math per capita.
Alan Arcand, from the Centre for Municipal Studies, stated, “Attracting skilled workers is crucial to Canada’s competitiveness,” which is why Richmond Hill’s dedication to innovation is highly valued. Arcand continues, “Cities that fail to attract new people will struggle to stay prosperous and vibrant.”
Dave Barrow, the Mayor of Richmond Hill, admits that residents deserve some of the credit for putting Richmond Hill at the top, stating, “People love living in Richmond Hill.” Barrow explained that many residents choose to identify with their neighbourhoods or community names instead of street coordinates, making Richmond Hill unique.
Barrow also points to events like Heritage Day and Ribfest, as well as the cultural plan for the city. “It leads to people sharing their neighbourhoods, getting out to the theatre and Mill Pond and park openings… It’s a welcoming community; very, very inclusive, and people feel that.”

Factors That Influence the Price of Condos in Richmond Hill

Condominium prices in Richmond Hill often vary between $300,000 to $550,000, depending on a few different factors. Whether a buyer or a seller, you need to understand the factors that can affect the real estate market, in order to make the right decisions, for the right location, and at the right time. These are just a few common considerations to take into account:

The Current Position of the Real Estate Cycle

The position of the real estate market has a huge bearing on prices and indicates whether you’re dealing with a seller’s market, a buyer’s market, or a balanced market.
In a seller’s market, there are more buyers who want condos than there are condos on the real estate market. In these markets, condos sell very fast, condominium prices increase, and the number of buyers exceeds the housing supply. This puts a lot of stress on a buyer, as you have to act fast and make quick decisions, often without the ability to make conditional offers. You may wind up paying more for your condo – sometimes over the list price.
A buyer’s market does not favour the seller, as there are more homes available on the market than the number of buyers who are looking to purchase a condominium. In this case, house and condo prices will be reduced and remain on the market for a longer period of time. Buyers have the upper hand in this market, as they have more time to search for the perfect condo at a great price, all while retaining negotiating leverage.
In a balanced market, the number of condominiums available on the real estate market is roughly equivalent to the number of buyers interested in purchasing a condo or a house. Housing prices are stable, sellers will accept reasonable offers, and condos sell within a reasonable period of time. When both buyers and sellers are on the same level playing field, there is a much more relaxed atmosphere surrounding the purchasing process and there are a number of well-priced homes and condos from which a buyer can choose.

Interest Rates

There is often a direct connection between interest rates and housing prices. For example, the higher the interest rates, the lower the housing prices tend to be, and vice versa. If interest rates are particularly low, many people can finally afford to buy their first home or an investment property, which puts a greater demand on the real estate market.


A potential downside to purchasing a new home or condo are the high municipal property taxes that exist in some areas. This may cause real estate prices to drop, due to a lack of interest from buyers. Provincial taxes, like property purchase tax, can restrict some buyers, and any future federal tax legislation on real estate (like an increase in capital gains tax) may negatively influence investors.


In order for home or condo buyers and investors to act upon a purchase, they must first have confidence in the economy. When the economy is generally seen as positive, you will notice more real estate market activity, which will also increase prices across the board. However, if the economy is being regarded as stagnant or negative in any way, you will see a decrease in activity, which will result in prices dropping. When real estate buyers are concerned with the current economic situation, you will see this loss of confidence reflected directly on the market.


As a home buyer or real estate investor interested in purchasing a condominium in Richmond Hill or elsewhere, there are many factors that you have to consider before making an offer. It is essential to take a look at what kind of market you are currently in the midst of – seller’s, buyer’s or balanced – as this will drastically affect your ability to negotiate, the time you have to make a decision, and the price that you may be forced to pay for the house you want. Interest rates and taxes also cause the market to fluctuate, so to keep yourself informed before diving into an unknown situation, visit CondoEssentials, a platform for condo reviews and other essential information about condominiums in Canada.

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