Drug abuse and addiction is a common menace all over the world. Are you finding trouble controlling your substance intake? If you are worried about your drug situation, partnering with the right experts should be your first step to recovery. For Gilbert addiction medicine, 2nd Chance Treatment Center believes that every individual deserves a second chance. Visit them today for long-term recovery results.

About The Practice

2nd Chance Treatment Center offers complete outpatient treatment for alcohol and opioid addictions. As an alternative for inpatient programs, a rehabilitation procedure at 2nd Chance Treatment Center provides life-long recovery for both genders to improve lives.

With a comprehensive outpatient center of its kind, 2nd Chance Treatment Center addresses opioid and alcohol use disorders alongside psychiatric disorders with an exclusive treatment model based on modern medical and psychiatric research.

Your dedicated physician at 2nd Chance Treatment Center is devoted to helping patients recuperate from alcohol and other substance abuse. The expert team offers personalized treatment plans to every patient to set you going on your recovery journey.

The practice accepts insurance policies. Plus, the in-house laboratory makes lab services convenient and more affordable.

Available Services

2nd Chance Treatment Center provides a variety of high-ranking services to its clientele such as:

Alcohol Treatment

Most people can partake in alcohol moderately. However, for some, alcohol consumption can be problematic. Do you find it difficult to control your drinking? 2nd Chance Treatment Center is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of alcohol disorder to provide lasting solutions.

Marijuana Specialist

Marijuana is more socially acceptable thanks to recent changes in state legislation. Nonetheless, marijuana, just like alcohol, can cause addiction and cravings. If you are worried about your marijuana addiction, 2nd Chance Treatment Center offers marijuana addiction therapies to remedy your addiction.

ADHD Specialist

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder alias ADHD is a common mental health disorder affecting both children and adults. If you are suffering from this condition, the 2nd Chance Treatment Center provides a professional treatment that guarantees lasting results.

Bipolar Disorder

This condition affects adults at some point in their lives. However, you can recover from the horrors of this condition by visiting the 2nd Chance Treatment Center. The elite team provides customized treatment plans to patients to provide long-term relief.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse affects many people. Though in most cases, people are unaware they suffer from this condition. 2nd Chance Treatment Center specializes in managing substance abuse and addictions to help resume your productive ways.

Opioid Specialist

Opioid overdose claims many lives in the states on the daily. This prescription medication designed to treat pain has become highly addictive among the populace. 2nd Chance Treatment Center offers outpatient programs to help patients unhook from this addictive drug.

Drug Rehab

Drug recovery is a complex process. However, teaming up with the ideal specialists increases your chances of success. 2nd Chance Treatment Center offers state-of-the-art drug rehab services to restore your health.

Depression Specialist

Depression is among the most common mental health issues. Your psychiatrist at 2nd Chance Treatment Center designs a customized treatment plan for depression to help patients recover from this condition. Other services available include Subutex, therapy, maintenance medication, fentanyl, and many more.

Drug abuse can lead to gruesome effects if left unmanaged. This condition has a toll not only on your finances but also your health and social life. Call or book an appointment today with 2nd Chance Treatment Center for a customized treatment plan.

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