If you want to eliminate extra belly fat but do not want to undergo surgery, you could profit from minimally invasive Lipodissolve injections. Charles W. Kent, MD, and the expert medical team provide exceptional lipodissolve in Tallahassee, FL. These injections address and disintegrate fat cells in regions beneath your chin, hips, and belly to trim your profile and increase your self-esteem. To discover if you are a fit for Lipodissolve, contact Tallahassee Vein & Face Clinic or book an appointment online now.

What Exactly is Lipodissolve?

Lipodissolve is a non-invasive procedure that could assist you in removing unwanted fat bulges, which are unfavorable to your profile. In the procedure, your doctor injects a mix of deoxycholate (DC) and phosphatidylcholine (PC), also referred to as PCDC. This solution disintegrates body fat and enhances the elimination of the destroyed fat from the body.

Tallahassee Vein & Face Clinic's experts could utilize Lipodissolve on numerous parts of your body wherein you have undesired fat deposits, which are tough to shed through exercise and diet. These entail areas such as your:

  •       Chin
  •       Hips
  •       Thighs
  •       Belly

The purpose of the Lipodissolve procedure is to modify your body and provide it with a more refined, and appealing form without requiring surgery.

Who is the Right Candidate for Lipodissolve?

Lipodissolve is not a weight loss supplement. Instead, the procedure offers a more practical and less expensive alternative to liposuction and other fat-reduction procedures for managing unwanted fat.

Suppose you are displeased with your look because of excessive fat in your belly or other locations. In that case, you could arrange a diagnostic consultation to discover if Lipodissolve is appropriate for you.

Depending on your objectives and health records, the specialists at Tallahassee Vein & Face Clinic could assess if this treatment is best for you.

What Might You Anticipate from Lipodissolve?

In your Lipodissolve treatment, your Tallahassee Vein & Face Clinic specialist will administer the solution into undesirable fat deposits. Usually, you will be required to stand throughout the procedure. 

Nevertheless, suppose standing for an extended period is problematic for you. In that case, the staff could highlight the treatment locations beforehand so you could lay comfortably on the examination table.

After your injections, you may suffer various side effects, including:

  •       Redness
  •       Bruising
  •       Inflammation
  •       Tenderness
  •       Itching
  •       Hyperpigmentation of your skin

These problems might vary from moderate to severe, based on the number of injections you get throughout your procedure.

Any negative effects must go away on their own in several days. Following treatment, your body needs roughly two weeks to clear the damaged fat cells. As your body continues to destroy fat tissue in the weeks following care, you can observe a significant shrinking of your care region and physique.

Do not let unwanted fat pockets affect your appearance or self-confidence when simple solutions are available for you. Dr. Kent tailors every Lipodissolve procedure to meet your unique needs and goals. Call Tallahassee Vein & Face Clinic or set up a consultation online today to determine if you are the appropriate candidate for Lipodissolve.

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