The continuing advancement in health care has increased the innovation of invasive technological procedures and therapies. This is evident in both developed and developing countries. Among the invasive technology, IV administration set plays a vital role in the administration of fluids and medications, nutritional support and in transfusion therapy to inject the substance. Moreover IV administration sets are designed in variety of ways to meet the clinical requirements such as gravity tubing, pump tubing, flow-regulating devices, volume-controlled tubing etc…

The purpose of IV therapy is to inject liquid substances to the vein. This therapy is used in electrolyte imbalances, for blood transfusion, fluid replacement and to deliver medication. It is also used in chemotherapy. Compared to other forms of admin, the IV administration sets are the fastest way to deliver medication throughout the body. Let’s see the features of this IV admin set:

Features of IV administration sets

- IV sets are sterile and disposable.

- This is designed for single patient use.

- Almost every IV admin set contain a roller clamp.

- IV sets are latex free and DEHP free (Di phthalate)

- This is inspected throughout the manufacturing process to assure safety.

- It delivers consistent flow of fluid. No need to monitor frequently to check its flow.

- Different IV sets are available to meet specific needs. You can purchase the required sets for your clinic or hospital.

- Available with both vented and non-vented spike.

This IV set can be accessed with the following devices:

- Every administration set is accessed using a hypodermic needle by passing it through the skin directly into the vein. IV set allows the fluid to reach the vein through needle.

- Another device is the peripheral cannula which is mostly used in hospitals.

Every clinical item should be maintained properly to keep it away from germs. But administration sets are always designed for one time use only. If you find any clinic or hospital using it more than once, stop them and ask to use a new set. Similar to IV admin sets, other sets such IV poles and IV extension set is also designed for single patient use. A used IV set harms you in many ways. Used IV may cause errors in compounding of medication which may affect your veins as well as health. Make sure that your lovable one is treated with a new IV set and have a long life with them.

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