No one can really blame you if you're feeling depressed after a break up. After all, relationships are an integral point of any person's life. It's normal for you to feel bad if you lose something this important to you. But what should you do if you are finding it hard to work through the day and often stare at nothing without being productive? Well, if you're currently coping and depressed after a break up then here are some tips on what you should do.

First off, you won't really feel better by keeping all those emotions inside. It might sound good today but sooner or later it would make your life miserable. Unless you try to let all those feelings out now, they will only accumulate in time and would let loose when you least expect it. Perhaps in the most unappealing way possible. So let yourself show those emotions by crying or getting angry about the situation. There's a good chance that once these feelings are let loose, you'll be able to handle the situation in a better way.

Second, you'll find that it is much better for you to look into your own life and try to improve some of its aspects. For example, a break up can be an excellent trigger in allowing you to re-examine your life. You can start thinking about your future plans and where your life is going. Excluding the breakup, are you happy with where your life is headed? If not, what can you do to make positive changes towards it?

Perhaps you can also focus more on your health. Perhaps you need some alone time and find more things that would make you happy. Maybe it's time for you to look at new things and aim for a higher position in the company. Regardless, you should take this opportunity to make your life bigger and better.

Third, don't let yourself wallow in self pity. Although you are not exactly feeling like being with people right now, it is advisable that when feeling depressed after a break up, you go out with trusted friends and start reconnecting with them. Your friends probably know what you're going through and would like to help you cope. Go out and catch up with each other. Not only will they help but would also let you know that there are other people who are behind you 100 percent.

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