Commercial carpet is an expensive purchase. However, you don’t necessarily notice it until it’s time to replace your facility’s carpets. As a business owner, you need to keep in mind that it’s your responsibility to ensure you get the most from your investment. Take note that commercial carpets receive a huge amount of traffic, and to make them look good 5, or even 7 years down the line, you must do well in maintaining your carpet. And a lot of that is dependent on who cleans your carpet. A competent commercial carpet cleaning expert can potentially extend the life of your carpet by years. On the other hand, a poor service might shorten the life of your carpet, significantly reducing your return on investment.

Carpet cleaning chemicals

There are practically dozens of different chemicals available for treating commercial carpets. And, like with all chemicals, they respond differently based on what they come into touch with. When inappropriate chemicals are used on your carpet, they can cause damage over time.

Make certain to enquire ahead of time about the chemicals that will be used by the cleaner and whether they may have any adverse effects on the long-term life of your carpet.

Carpet cleaning method

Different commercial carpet cleaning services use different cleaning methods. The wrong approach might ruin your carpet depending on the type of carpet you have. Also, consider how the carpet cleaning process may affect your building. Know the process your carpet cleaner will employ, as well as any potential risks or downsides for your carpet and building.

Value-added services

While cleaning techniques and equipment may vary, every service will clean your carpet in some manner. But what else is there? Do they provide anything extra that differentiates them? Extras provided by commercial carpet cleaners can sometimes make a huge impact. When evaluating the overall quality and value of carpet cleaning service providers, consider the extras that they provide.

Cleaning expertise

The people who operate the equipment are just as vital as the equipment itself. If the people who clean your carpets don’t understand complex chemicals impact different carpet types or how to operate their equipment properly, it might be bad news for your carpet.

Make certain that your carpets are regularly cleaned by trained, competent, and certified professionals.

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