Online shopping is convenient, efficient, easy, and offers great value for money. These days consumers can purchase almost anything online, including Car parts. It really has never been easier and buying car parts online can save you valuable time and money. In fact, buying car parts online is fast becoming the preferred way to buy car parts for some customers because of all the positives associated with it. Consumers love the ability to comparison shop by visiting multiple websites, and they can do their own research prior to purchasing.

Furthermore, stores tend to have a limited range of products whereas the online selection usually is more extensive - and best of all it can be done from your own home or your mobile phone.


When buying online you not only need to ensure you are getting the right price but the right part!

When it comes to choosing which car parts you need, you have a few options to consider.
Basically, there are four types of car parts available: Genuine, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), Aftermarket, and Used car parts. It is good to know the difference when you are looking to purchase car parts online. We will explore the differences between them in more detail below:


Genuine car parts are also known as Original Equipment. This is the part that was originally installed by the manufacturer when manufacturing your car. A genuine part usually comes in the vehicle manufacturer’s packaging and is of good quality and made to fit your vehicle specifically. You also usually get a warranty when you purchase this type of part. However, these parts are more expensive than your other options.


OEM is an abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer. These parts are built by the same company that originally made the parts for the car manufacturer. It is a replica of the original part (factory equipment) but does not carry the manufacturer’s logo. These parts usually are cheaper than original parts and are considered to be very reliable and a good fit.


Aftermarket parts are parts that have been made by a company other than the manufacturer of your vehicle. These parts are designed to fit a wide range of different brands of vehicles and are usually sold as replacement parts. You can enjoy some great savings by purchasing Aftermarket parts - they are often of very good quality and are cheaper than any OEM parts. It is a very cost-effective way to repair your car.


Used car parts typically come from a wrecked or scrapped vehicle. If you are considering purchasing used parts, ensure you are dealing with a reputable company that offers parts of good quality - particularly if the parts you need are related to the performance or safety of your vehicle. You cannot compromise your or your vehicles’ safety.

Knowing the various options that are available can help you make educated choices when buying car parts online. Remember the onus is on the buyer to order the correct part.

If you are dealing with reputable companies, you can further your security and the efficiency of your order by doing the following:


Do your research and even check out the manufacturer’s website to get precise information so as to ensure you are buying the right part. Check the year and model of your vehicle as that will also make a difference to the fitment of the part. You can also use your VIN number as an identifier. Your VIN number, which is displayed on your license disc, is like your car’s fingerprint. It is a 17 digit unique code for your car specifically.


Check out the returns and/or exchange policies are on the website and read the fine print. In addition, make sure that the company you buy from has a secure checkout policy. It is also a good idea to read the reviews their customers have left on the website. With all that information and research under your belt, your online shopping will be easy and hassle-free.

Happy Shopping!

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