Nowadays Dubai is taken into consideration as a company center for capitalists around the world. In the beginning, investors were confused whether to buy a property or setup business in Dubai or not, the main fact behind this confusion was the sharing 51% possessions with the Emirati, a local Sponser in Dubai. Enormous efforts required by the international investor from launching to running the successful company, the sponsor were getting only the 51% profit and they also needed a consent letter from the local sponsor if they were to make certain decisions like hiring team, sponsorship for visas for worker etc.

Benefits of Company Formation in Free Zone:

1) Full company formation in Dubai free zone is possessed by capitalist instead of sharing it with the financier.
2) Free zone is also called as the tax-free zone.
3) Visa credibility for the family members of staff and financier lasts up to 3 years.
4) There are no mainland labor rules policies due to which cost of hiring a staff is relatively high.
5) Document clearance process is fairly easy and hassle-free.

Top Points to remember before selecting a Free Zone:

Location of a free zone matters the most. Generally free zones are situated nearby ports or airports, a few of them are situated away from ports or airports but they provide direct road transport networks towards Emirates.

Facilities & Infrastructure.
State of the art infrastructure & facilities is supplied in the free zones with which play a significant role in bringing the capitalists/investors.

Period for the issuance of License is different for all zones. A few of free zones offer immediate result after the submission of application but others may take about 30-- 40 days for the completion of licensing procedure.

Free Zone relevance.
It is preferred to have a company formation in Free Zone, no matter that what the cost it will take. There are about 20 Free Zones located in Dubai, each having its own licensing body.

Remember These Crucial Steps Before you Launch a Company:

Requirement of Distributor.
You are not accredited to carry out company directly in the UAE market. So, you need to take the guidance of the registered local agent. Import taxes will be related to each kind of sales.

Picking License type.
Every free zone has its own authority of providing the license but the procedure for providing the license are similar to each other.

Professional Services.
You can give services discussed in your trade certificate. It covers services for commercial consulting, monitoring, and property management consulting within the Free Zones. You can also take participation in events organized for startup companies and showcase your business.

Industrial Services.
You need a commercial license to import resources, to manufacture the products, their export and distribution. In case you have 51% ownership after that you can distribute the product nationwide as you are eligible for a nationwide industrial license and you can have the similar status to locals of the UAE.

This license authorize you to run online business in UAE like E-commerce services. This consists of online trading or online stores.

The license is needed to supply logistic solution that includes Cargo (air, land, as well as sea), from warehousing to package. After that you can store, ship that further or transport the products for further distribution.

Freelancer License:
If you are looking for a freelancer license services in Dubai, a freelance license will be needed. If you have one, you are eligible to perform tasks as the sole professional. YOu can do business with your name rather than your business/company name.

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