There is a dramatic difference between all natural moisturizing creams and those that you buy in the store. Typically, those products say they are good for all skin types, but a lot of them contain filler ingredients and are watered down for better profit margins. The products that I have been using contain Liposomal Vitamin C Immunity Booster effects and contain anti-oxidant technology.

Liposomes are tiny spheres that actively deliver delicious moisturizing ingredients directly to your cells to boost hydration levels.
Anti-oxidants are elements essential to your tissues of free radicals - the toxins that dilute your beautiful skin. These are:
Vitamin F -Contains (Linoleic Acid) an essential fatty acid which in combination with glycerin, forms a fat insoluble in water and prevents moisture loss.
Vitamin A - (Beta-Carotene) Necessary for growth and repair of body tissues; helps maintain smooth, soft, disease-free skin; helps protect the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, throat and lungs. Unlike Vitamin A from fish liver oil, Beta-Carotene is non-toxic.
Vitamin C - (Ascorbic Acid) Required for the synthesis of collagen - the intracellular "cement" that holds tissues together; essential for healthy teeth, gums & bones; helps heal wounds, scar tissue and fractures; builds resistance to infection and the common cold.
Vitamin E - Delays cellular aging due to oxidation by bringing nourishment to the cells and strengthening the capillary walls.
All of these ingredients, combined with all natural aloe vera gel, produce outstanding skincare products that are organic and gentle to your skin. Although they can not say that products that contain these ingredients are hypo-allergenic, aloe vera gel has natural hypo allergenic properties. I've never heard of anyone who is allergic to products that contain natural ingredients. Unless you break out in a itchy rash, chances are that you are only noticing changes to your skin after using natural products and you should persevere until your skin gets back to it's natural pH and gets rid of all your old dead skin cells and allows these ingredients to penetrate your outer layers of skin.

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