The printing business is a bit complex than what most people think. For example, do you that there are different kinds of printing methods? These methods are based on the kind of machines that are used for the process. The machines that are most popularly in printing presses are the web presses and the sheet fed printing presses. This article focuses on the latter. If you are living somewhere in Austin and in need of sheet fed printing services, there are several sheet fed printers here that are more than capable of handling your printing requirements.

As the name suggests, sheet fed offset printing is a process where a batch of single pages of paper are fed into the machine. This method of printing is ideal for small and medium-sized projects, such as limited-edition books. Business cards, brochures, fliers, and pamphlets, are also typically printed on sheet fed presses. But before looking for an Austin sheet fed printing company, you may want to know a bit more about this type of printing method.

Sheet fed presses are popular in the printing industry since they are best for print jobs that require lower outputs. For instance, if a printer has an order that requires 50,000 prints, the best method to use is sheet fed printing.

Sheet fed printers are units that can print images onto individual cut-sized sheets of paper. One example would be the common desktop printer. However, there are bigger units that are designed to be used by sheet fed printing companies. These machines can print more efficiently at a faster rate thus, finishing a lot of work at any given time. Some of the more sophisticated sheet-fed printing presses can produce thousands of copies in just an hour.

Sheet fed presses are preferred by many Austin sheet fed printing companies since these machines allow them to produce sharper and superior quality prints. The bigger units can also print more copies in a shorter period of time – the biggest of these printers can accommodate a single sheet of paper with the maximum size of 49 by 74 inches (typical sheet sizes for this type of press are 17 by 22 inches up to 25 by 38 inches).

Speaking of paper, there is a wide variety of paper that is available for every type of sheet fed printers. They can range from typical office paper to thick cardstock that are commonly used in packaging.

If you are worried about quality, then be assured that many Austin sheet fed printing companies can handle any number of printing jobs without compromising the quality. Sheet fed presses are capable of producing produce sharper images. These presses can produce resolutions that are as high as 300 lines. Impressive enough consider the quality of, say, web printing, which can usually produce no higher than 200. Aside from sharper print quality, many sheet fed presses can print extra colors other than the typical cyan, magenta, yellow color scale. Additional colors are usually used to enhance the color gamut and set off the natural advantage of higher resolutions.

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