Once you understand the truth about reincarnation, after sifting through the myths and misunderstandings, you’ll be surprised how the awareness can improve your quality of life.

Below are nine common questions or arguments about reincarnation and our responses, which are based on over 25 years of past life regression experience.

1) “Only naive people believe in reincarnation.” These famous people who believed in reincarnation probably would have disagreed: Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, Plato, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Edgar Allan Poe, and Henry David Thoreau.

2) “There are no scientific studies.” Dr. Ian Stevenson spent over forty years scientifically documenting past life memories of children from all over the world. Skeptics and scholars agree that his more than 3000 cases offer the best evidence yet for reincarnation. Dr. Stevenson’s credentials were impeccable. He was a medical doctor and wrote many scholarly papers before beginning paranormal research and was the head of the Department of Psychiatry and a Director of the Division of Personality Studies at the University of Virginia.

3) “Why don’t we remember our past lives?” A memory of all the skills, languages, and knowledge from your previous lives sure would come in handy, wouldn’t it? But remembering all the traumatic and upsetting events would be distracting and prevent you from focusing on what’s most important: your present life and what you’re here to learn. You do have a subconscious memory of everything from this life and previous lives, that’s why you’re naturally good at some things, and have unexplainable fears about others.

4) “Why is reincarnation not in the bible?” Some say it was, but edited out, along with other tenets, for political reasons. According to Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation by Noel Langley, the Byzantine Emperor Justinian (483–565 A.D.) “summoned the Fifth Ecumenical Congress of Constantinople in 553 A.D. to condemn the Platonically inspired writings of Origen.” These writings apparently referenced reincarnation and the pre-existence of the soul.

5) “Why would I have chosen this life or bad experiences?” Your personality didn’t, but your soul did, in order to learn and grow, which is one of the purposes of incarnating.

6) “Everyone says they were a famous figure or wealthy king or queen. It’s all fantasy.” If you experience enough previous lives through past life regression, you realize this isn’t true. You’ll likely perceive yourself as both powerful and powerless, rich and poor, male and female, good and bad, and so on. When someone perceives themselves as a famous person in past life regression (which is rare when the process is done correctly), it usually means they are misinterpreting the past life or their ego is adding to the session. Another possible explanation is that their energy is somehow connected to the energy or consciousness that was once part of the historical figure.

7) “Reincarnation is wishful thinking by people who are afraid of death.” Maybe, but it takes more courage to accept that you have to reincarnate to pay back karma.

8) Reincarnation is an excuse to dodge personal responsibility--they blame things on their past lives.
This might be true for some, but an understanding of reincarnation and karma leads most people to take more responsibility for themselves and their lives. People who think once they die they will cease to exist might not care as much about doing the right thing in all situations. People who believe in reincarnation know that because of karma, everything they do, say, and intend will come back to them. Also, Taking personal responsibility for your life instead of blaming others is empowering.

9) The past doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter until you realize that a subconscious memory of a past life event is negatively influencing your current life. For example, someone who drowned might have an intense fear of being in water. A person who is deathly afraid of flying may have died in a plane crash. Someone who finds it almost impossible to lose weight might have starved to death. Once you re-experience the related past life, the fears usually lessen or disappear.

How do you find out what is valid and what is false? Do your own objective research and eventually you will discover the truth about reincarnation.

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