Anabolic — androgenic steroids, called anabolic steroids in short, are manufactured in a laboratory The meaning of the word “anabolic” refers to muscle growth, while “androgenic” has to do with increased male sex characteristics. The primary aim is to be an imitation of testosterone, the male sex hormone. This hormone is legal and can only be obtained through a prescription from a medical doctor.

Types of steroids, their use and possible side-effects.

Anabolic steroids are legal and prescribed for various medical reasons. It may happen that a man’s body does not produce a sufficient amount of testosterone — a very important hormone which gives a man its distinctive features. Testosterone is mainly responsible for the development of male reproductive organs. If a man has sexual development problems, anabolic steroids are usually prescribed by a doctor It is often prescribed to treat delayed puberty in boys. The most important factor when choosing anabolic steroids is quality, so check Best Legal Steroids by

Anabolic steroids also aid in the treatment of anaemia and to help people who have lost a lot of weight due to illness to achieve a normal body weight. Diseases like AIDS and cancer causes muscle loss, in which case anabolic steroids will also be prescribed.

Breast cancer and endometriosis in women can be treated with anabolic steroids.

The side effects of this steroid include the following: Serious acne Liver, kidney and heart problems Mood instabilities Shrinking of testicles Infertility (absence of sperm in the semen) Menstruation irregularities in women High blood pressure Increased body hair and deeper voice in women
Corticosteroids steroids are legal as well It is also manufactured in a laboratory to treat people whose own bodies lack sufficient levels thereof. They are not anabolic steroids and have different side-effects.
Corticosteroids, or, as they are commonly called, cortisone, is usually prescribed when a person has some kind of inflammation, severe allergies or skin problems. They treat the swelling and reactions that accompany these problems. It is often used to treat arthritis in the elderly.

Side-effects include the following: Weight gain Diabetes High blood pressure Osteoporosis Easy bruising
Anabolic steroids — alternative use

Due to its muscle growth function, anabolic steroids are popular among gym goers, bodybuilders and athletes and cyclists. It is said to improve performance, build strength and increase muscle mass. Athletes and bodybuilders claim that it shortens the recovery time after strenuous training.
Some people use it to improve not only their performance but also for its ability to improve physical appearance, or to make them appear more masculine.

The ability of steroids to aid in weight loss makes it extremely popular. Many gym goers dream of a body with toned and well-defined muscles and will do almost anything to reach that goal.

Anabolic steroids are usually taken in the form of pills, or direct injection into the muscles.
It is legal for pharmacies, health shops and supermarkets to sell anabolic steroids for muscle building and training purposes. The responsibility lies with the consumer to follow the indications of the products.

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