While you may have made a decision to be a truck driver, not paying close attention to the requirements can result in facing challenges. It's good to set out to become a truck driver, but knowing about some crucial steps, mainly how to get a driving license, will go a long way in completing your journey. For instance, to become a truck driver, you must fulfill regulations like getting a permit and acquiring driving experience.

Skills Required to Be a Truck Driver

Before becoming a truck driver, there are specific attributes that you must possess or learn.

Authorities involved with issuing driving licenses must find some of the following skills in an individual before they can become a truck driver:

Sharp alertness and awareness
Stress management
Correct navigation skills

The attributes mentioned above can make a typical truck driver great. Those skills help you consistently drive well on the road, therefore safeguarding lives.

Becoming a Truck Driver

To be a truck driver means you're ready for adventure and a total commitment due to the hazards that may be involved. Therefore, you must know the essential details about being a truck driver to have a successful driving career.

The following are a few important steps to follow:

Do good research about the truck driving job
Speak to a truck driver and weigh your options before becoming one
Go to a driving school to get basic knowledge
Enroll in a truck driving school to obtain a commercial driving license (CDL)

Types of Driver’s Licenses

You'd need a CDL to be a legal, commercial driver of large vehicles. A CDL is a license that anybody interested in driving a vehicle with heavy materials or equipment must possess. A driver can obtain three commercial driving licenses: class A, B and C.

Class A

This is a driving license for operating vehicles that have a gross weight rating of 26,001 pounds with a towed vehicle of more than 10,000 pounds.

Drivers with Class A licenses can drive vehicles like:

Truck and trailer combined
Livestock carriers
Tanker vehicles

Class B

This is a driving license for operating vehicles with a total weight rating of 26,001 pounds and more, coupled with a towed vehicle of fewer than 10,000 pounds.

Drivers with Class B licenses can drive vehicles such as:

Box trucks
Straight trucks
Dump trucks
Segmented buses

Class C

This is a driving license for vehicles with more than 16 passengers and moving dangerous materials.

Drivers with Class C licenses can drive vehicles that include:

Passenger vans
Vehicle combinations not found in classes A and B
Hazard Material (HazMat) vehicles

Obtaining a License for Truck Driving

If you want to drive a truck, there are some things you must know to avoid going through serious challenges. One of them is obtaining a truck driving license.

To become a truck driver, you must note the following to get a license.

Ascertain if you meet the age eligibility
Resolve physical or health problems that can obstruct you from getting a driver's license
Attend a good truck driving school
Apply for a CDL permit
Take a CDL test and ensure you pass it


In getting a truck driver's license, you must note that different areas may have their own requirements, so generalizing them may be risky. Most of the time, you will need a driver's license from the state where you reside in order to be able to operate a truck. So, be sure to do your research and look forward to your new role!

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Angela Ash is a professional writer and editor who focuses on business and mental health topics.