The oil CBD full spectrum uses all important molecules produced by the marijuana plant. These formulas provide a rich blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and even trace elements and vitamins.

Cannabinoids, specifically CBD, are the main compounds in full spectrum oils. However, science has identified more than 100 members of this group of chemicals.

Research continues to reveal the unique and fascinating ways these molecules work in isolation, but studies show that Full spectrum cbd oil  Canada often perform better than single-compound formulas. Why? Scientists believe that cannabinoids synergize with each other to produce a more effective result; a phenomenon known as the entourage effect.


Cannabinoids are not the only molecules that are part of this symbiotic symphony. The cannabis plant also produces more than 200 terpenes and a wide variety of flavonoids, which contribute to the overall effect of full-spectrum CBD oil. Some of these molecules could enhance the action of certain cannabinoids, while others seem to have complementary effects.

Terpenes are responsible for the characteristic aroma of marijuana plants, and while some varieties give them a pungent pine and earth fragrance, others give them a sweet and fruity smell.

In addition to their pleasant influence on the olfactory system, terpenes also modulate the effects of cannabinoids in the body. Although most varieties contain a similar level of THC or CBD, each produces a different effect; something that we must thank terpenes.

For example, one of the most common terpenes, myrcene, induces a relaxing sensation, while limonene exerts an uplifting effect. These terpenes interact with cannabinoids such as THC or CBD to intensify their proper

Full-spectrum CBD oils also provide flavonoids, adding another complementary element to the entourage effect. Flavonoids are another type of molecule that is also present in cannabis. Prized for their nourishing role in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, these chemicals are another notch in the marijuana botanical belt.

These include the flavonoids unique to cannabis, cannaflavin A, B and C, which are present in the aerial parts of the plant, and flavonoids from the rest of the plant kingdom, such as:

  • Orientine
  • Quercetin
  • Silymarin
  • Kaempferol


Full-spectrum CBD oil offers a lot more for what it costs. Each drop contains a group of molecules that work together to create a more pronounced effect. Not only will you be able to consume CBD, but you will also ingest the compounds of the whole plant condensed into several drops.


Although full-spectrum oils offer entourage benefits, some consumers prefer isolated products, such as CBD crystals. These formulas provide a higher level of CBD without the other natural compounds.


Full-spectrum CBD oil offers what isolated CBD products cannot: a wide variety of molecules that enhance and enhance each other's effects. The main advantages of this type of extracts are:

  • A high level of CBD
  • Small amounts of numerous minor cannabinoids
  • Synergistic terpenes
  • Flavonoid molecules that can contribute to the action of the combined effects and offer their own benefits
  • Zero THC in some cases (or at least an extremely low level)
  • A complex entourage effect that is only partially understood
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