If the doctor has told you that your loved one has femoral retroversion, you will want to know about this. It tends to be a rotational or torsional deformity. It is when one’s femur twists in a backward way relative to their knee. It is regarded as a positional deformity. It can be seen in children and is noticed when they begin to stand normally at around 6 to 9 months.

Causes of the condition

The condition occurs due to the following reasons:

• Muscles of one’s hip becoming tight which leads to it rotating much in an outward way.

• Mainly due to the utero position.

• The bone deformity is a cause that is not very popular. Here one experiences some actual external twist particularly of the lower area of their upper leg bone or femur. This is relative to their upper area of the femur.

Some ways to figure out whether this condition is present

You need to know the signs and also symptoms of the condition. For instance, when a toddler begins to stand, they are seen unsteady because of less support being given to them. Often children who have the condition walk late. It is often connected with flatfeet. The flatfoot becomes worse when the kid starts walking.

They will not be able to run properly. You will notice the kid getting tired very quickly when pursuing any activity. Their overall balance will be poor. Weak coordination is also present.

Finding a doctor to help

If you notice that this condition is present or if the doctor has told you that your child needs to help you will need to contact an orthopedic surgeon like contact Dr. Slattery for femoral retroversion.

However, you have to research on finding a good surgeon who can help fix the problem. The following points can be kept in mind for this:

• Referrals- Ask around from your primary health care provider, friends, colleagues, etc. if they know about any of these. You can search on the internet as well and look at their credentials. The doctor should be certified allowing you to be certain they are qualified.

• Qualifications- Their qualifications may be present on their website. Look at where they got their degree. They must be qualified in treating femoral retroversion.

• Experience- When looking for a doctor to treat any condition, experience matters. The one that has more experience will know about the various conditions and how to handle them. They must have carried out treatments for femoral retroversion specifically.

• Friendly- The staff and surgeon must be friendly and you should be comfortable discussing with them. Check out the place that they work also so that you can know what they provide.

• Remain in your budget- If you have any health insurance find out if the surgeon participates in the plan. You need to find one who you can pay for and is qualified.

Femoral retroversion is a condition that needs to be treated by someone who has the experience and is qualified in this area.

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