We regularly receive questions about breast augmentation. And we're just really happy about that. Breast augmentation is not just a minor procedure, so it is important that you take the time to consider the procedure. And if you have any questions, we're happy to help!

Breast augmentation: the most frequently asked questions. Here we are going to share share the most frequently asked questions on this topic with you.

Inflamed Stitches

What can I do if the stitches become inflamed? The scar in the fold of the breast is sutured in three layers, so that the breast fold is well firm. The sutures we use for this are all dissolve-able. Sometimes a thread of the intermediate layer can irritate. What you can do about this is stated on the instruction form that you will receive after the procedure. In it you can also read what kind of scar cream you can use, what about sunbathing, smoking, etc.

In case of doubt, you can also contact the branch or e-mail your treating plastic surgeon.

How long does it take?

How long does it take for implants to sink in? Breast implants do not sink in, they must be inserted exactly in the right place. The fact that they seem to sit high in the beginning is because there is a lot of swelling at the top.

The Recovery Process

What does the recovery process look like after breast augmentation? You have to allow two weeks for the recovery, but the next day you can walk outside and take a shower yourself and drive again after five days. You can exercise again after six weeks. You can also start exercising again immediately after the procedure. Women who follow this recovery program have significantly less pain and less swelling. Their breasts are also more flexible.

After Breast Augmentation

Which exercises are the best to do after breast augmentation? Before the operation you do exercises to prepare the pectoral muscle, after the operation exercises ensure that the pectoral muscle does not cramp but can heal faster. During the recovery program, you will receive clear instructions from our physiotherapists.

Why always sports bra?

Do I still have to wear a sports bra after the procedure?
After a breast augmentation, you wear a sports bra day and night for four weeks. The bra can of course be taken off during the shower. Longer wear is also allowed, but not necessary.
Do you want to wear a sexy bra right away? Then inquire about the special post-operative bra first.

Sleeping Problem?

Do I need to sleep on your side for some time after a breast augmentation? No, it certainly shouldn't. Sleeping on your side with a sports bra on is allowed after a day or two.


When can I exercise again after the breast augmentation or fat transfer augmentation? You can do that again after six weeks. Build up slowly of course!


Can a woman still breastfeed after a breast augmentation? Most probably, yes! 78% of women the women can breastfeed. After a breast augmentation, that number is the same, so a breast augmentation has no influence on that. After a breast reduction, 72% of women can still breastfeed, which is slightly less.

I have uneven breasts, can I still get a natural cleavage?
Yes, that's possible. There are possible and most common treatments that can be considered to enlarge one side or work with two different implants.

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