Of course the answer is make new friends right? Especially if you wished you had a more active social life and you’re not social.

The reason I’m bringing up this topic is to discuss how we sabotage ourselves when it comes to the social success we want.

When you can figure out where in your life you’re holding yourself back from being more social you can start to take action and get the kind of life you want.

You see, we have certain mechanisms in our mind that can work against us in the wrong situations.

One of these mechanisms or ability is being able to create complex thoughts and in turn create stories.

How does this sabotage our success in social life?

The same ability that lets us think complicated thoughts also helps us create elaborate excuses for ourselves.

Very complicated excuses that we can justify to ourselves.

There are a lot guys with shyness who will find ways to not go out and get involved in activities, or situations where they can expand their comfort zone.

If you have shyness working against you then you know expanding your comfort zone is important.

However it’s much easier to sit at home and watch TV, play video games, surf the net.

It’s a safety net that virtually sabotages our success in having a great social life.

When you have something as simple as sitting and watching TV your mind will create very elaborate justifications why you should sit and do nothing instead of going out there laboring for your success.

Your mind does this in all areas of life.

So how do you stop this self-sabotage and set yourself up so you naturally move towards what you this case creating a better social life?

To begin, next time you go out and you have a great experience (and you will have one just watch out for it) I want you to keep a mental note of it.

When you go home write it down.

All the details of the interaction you had with the person or groups of people.

Next I want you to wait for two more of these experiences.

Write those down too.

Pin up these experiences on your wall or on your desk, anywhere you can easily take a quick glance towards.

Every time you feel like being lazy and don’t want to work on your shyness, social skills or anything along those lines look at those experiences and know that fresh experience will fade away more and more the longer you wait to work on yourself.

And the more you work on yourself the more of those experiences you will receive.

Sounds really basic right?

Well the brain works very well when a symbol or representation of what you want it at risk of disappearing.

You work towards something more when you find it scarce. If it’s abundant or the threat of losing it isn’t present we become distracted by unimportant matters.

This exercise will help you sharpen your focus, and if you want you can even use it in other areas of your life To Continue Learning More About This Article Follow This Link: More on shyness from this author.

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