11 years ago, when I smoked cigarettes, I would have done anything to get that next pack of smokes, when I ran out.

7 years ago, I would have done anything to get that Tim Horton's coffee in the morning.

If you were gasping for air right now, when would you give up your fight for air? If you were starving, when would you give up trying to find food? If your son or daughter was held at gun point, when would you decide that you've done everything you could to save them?

It's funny that for all of these things/circumstances, we would go to such great lengths to accomplish the task at hand, yet we are rather quick to let our dreams dim or even die with not much of a fight or effort.

When you can bring your dreams from want to need, you will find that nothing can stop you from accomplishing the task at hand. You WILL find a way to accomplish it, or you will die trying. You won't stop until you achieve it and when you do, you will have the privilege of saying, I stopped at nothing. You will never regret giving it all you've got. You will surely regret not going for it at all.

If money is what you need, get it! If you need help, ask! If you don't believe in yourself, seek a coach!

If you are a smoker and have no more smokes, you'll find a way. If you're a coffee drinker and "need" your coffee, you'll find a way. If you're gasping for air, you will stop at nothing to get it. If you're starving, you will do what it takes to satisfy your hunger. Use this same passion and drive toward your dreams and you will accomplish it.

I spent a large portion of my life with limiting beliefs and I'm not yet completely freed from them, but when you can believe in your ability to accomplish anything you want in life by altering your negative beliefs and converting them into the positives, you will have a brand new life open up to your view - a life of possibility, of opportunity. Don't settle for anything less than what's possible. And here's the secret... anything you want to accomplish is possible, if you believe in your ability to accomplish it and are willing to do what is required to accomplish it.

Author's Bio: 

Luc Despres is the Founder/Coach behind MindShift Strategic Coaching.
He's a husband and the father of two beautiful children and has been helping people break through their limiting beliefs for over a decade. It's been his passion, most of his life.

After years of studying people and how the mind works, along with his own personal struggles, he's been able to conquer obstacles and challenges that many would see as impossible.

Growing up, Luc had to deal with alcoholic parents, a mother who has suffered from severe depression, an abusive father, personal drug and alcohol addictions, gang related challenges, 3 attempted suicides, and many of the other day-to-day struggles that had him feeling paralyzed.

After all of this and regardless of it, he's been able to completely transform himself and has been preparing to share what he's learned with the world by coaching people on how to overcome their own limiting beliefs and help them to finally achieve their own breakthrough for success in life - becoming their greatest selves.

He's finally developed a systematic way of moving people past their limiting beliefs (what's holding us back) and creating new empowering beliefs that will bring an individual to new heights in their lives.

"I truly believe that every single person on this planet is special and has unique talents and abilities that will make a significant contribution to the world and communities. I aim at helping people eliminate all of their limiting beliefs they've developed over the years so they can break free and impact the world."