When you first decide to enroll in a BJJ in Phillyprogram, you may feel more than a little bit overwhelmed. In many different ways, this is understandable because there are a wide range of different facets to the art. Some have said there are more than 4,000 techniques if you were to actually tabulate and calculate all the different moves. Hence, where should you start when it comes to learning the art of BJJ in Philly? In the simplest of terms, you need to start at the beginning.

No, in actual, that statement is not made to be flippant. Despite various different techniques which comprise the art, there is a definitive beginning you need to start with. Literally, that beginning would be escapes. In particular, you actually need to learn how to escape from the bottom of inferior positions.

Different inferior positions would be the Mount, the Side Control and all its Variations, Headlocks, the Knee on Stomach, Scarf Holds, and all their Variations and the North/South Position.

As a matter of fact, it is no secret that the average BJJ learners will want to jump into the world of submissions right away. To be very honest, there is nothing wrong with learning submissions or investing good time in them. However, it is also true that you cannot study submissions at the exclusion of all else. And this notion actually goes for sweeps and guard passes as well.

Honestly speaking, if you do not learn escapes from various pins and inferior positions very early in the BJJ game, you will actually not be able to put any of your other skills into effect. This is because you will be flat on your back and your opponent will be the one working on finishing you.

No matter how serious you are about developing great knowledge and skills with escapes from the bottom you will seriously end up in the difficult position of being pinned on your back. The fact is that it will always be a struggle to escape from the bottom until you gain the timing that can only come with experience. However, if you never focus on enhancing your escape skills then you would notever get beyond the stage of struggling. This means that your ability to move onto other areas of the art will be impossible and you never will embody the skills required to be a powerful BJJ player.

Invest a significant amount of time in training and developing your skill with escapes. You will be surprised how your overall BJJ in Phillygame improves once you do.

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