So how do we decide what we what and how is it sometimes we don't get it at least in the way we imagined it? Sometimes life brings us what our self conscious wants and desires and we unconsciously can't change it. Why is that? well because we don't have the life skills to understand how the unconscious works and how we decide unconsciously what we get. Sounds a little off centered yes? well its not really and finding that balance that makes our world go around its axis without complication is what we truly desire. So how do we achieve this? Well I have found that debating with yourself helps this process and you do so by exchanging the ideas running around inside your mind with debate and then debriefing the answers you get. I can go on and on and justify this but if you head over to The thought factor you will see more of what I mean.

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I am a life coach and author of two e books and my goal is to help you achieve your goals with the least amount of stress in your life