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Author's Bio: 

Charmaine McCowan's passion and celebration of the diversity among world people began at the age of 16 during her travels while attending the international high school and musical show “Up With People”. Living in private homes, palatial mansions, college dorms, and on Indian reservations she immersed herself in a cross-cultural exchange to help bridge unity among people from every stratum of life. She was moved as she witnessed the limitless possibilities of the human spirit. And, took lasting notice of the vital power held in authentically connecting from the heart, an impression that remains with her today.

Today, Charmaine McCowan is known by many as the 'Well being expert'. In an original transformational program developed and facilitated by Charmaine “ Living in the heart”, she exhibits her unique ability to immediately connect with and open the hearts of people from all walks of life. Her powerful, proven methods have moved hundreds throughout the U.S. to open their hearts to heal body, mind and spirit and connect to their authentic self.

Best described as a captivating, passionate facilitator of well being, Charmaine holds a Juris Doctorate degree in law and uses the power of words to inspire transformation. She has been heard to say that her real degree is not in the letter of the law but the spirit and soul behind those letters.
Charmaine has been the Anchor and Executive Producer for “Giving Back” a one hour magazine style radio show, aired on Thursday mornings 8:00 am on KEST 14.50AM San Francisco, the 4th largest media market.

She contributes her time to outreach programs that focus specifically on health issues for minority women. She is a member of the Threshold choir, an all women choir that honors ancient tradition of singing at the bedsides of people who are struggling: some with living: some with dying. She has been the Event coordinator for Sisters Network Inc, a national breast cancer survival organization. She has hosted a series of cable shows for California State University/Fullerton campus; and also served as co-host for Awareness talk Radio KUCI 88.9, Irvine California.

Along with her transformational seminars, workshops and retreats she is a writer and inspirational speaker, she is available for keynote presentations.

Charmaine is the author of Humani~Tea Speaks, A Guide To Inner Wisdom. She has created an 8 week wisdom course entitled “Getting to the Heart of the Matter” in which the Wisdom card system is used.