Gladys had already done the practical things to fix the problems with her stalker, "Zorro." But that wasn't really solving the problem enough for her life to return to normal.

Mitch, who makes appointments for my sessions of Aura Healing and Transformation, always makes sure about that. If any client tells him that the purpose of the session is to help ease the torment of dealing with a stalker, the problem can be ongoing. So Mitch clarifies, if necesssary, the importance of taking appropriate action before working with me.

Also, my clients soon learn, if they don't know already, that I don't practice anything like voodoo. Sessions aim for helping my client, not coercing or "improving" a third party.

It's common sense, really. Cutting a cord of attachment helps a person subjectively. None of my work is ever meant to substitute for taking objective, responsible action.

When you read the following items of "Cord Dialogue," consider that whatever gets stuck in a cord of attachment repeats 24/7 within a person's aura and subconscious mind. Some of us, of a certain age, can think "broken records." Others might need to think of what for an example? Mp3 file run amok?

Energetically, we are pulled and tugged for the rest of our lives. That's unless the cord of attachment can be properly removed -- which, of course, it can.

Incidentally, if you're not familiar yet with the idea that a cord of attachment would contain something called "Cord Dialogue," please do skip down to the final heading of this post, "Why Cutting Cords Must Include Reporting on Cord Dialogue."

Gladys' Cord of Attachment to a Stalker
The contents of a cord of attachment are always laid down after one particular incident. Sometimes more than one incident will be stuck. The contents of a cord can change, but only in the direction of bad-to-worse. This set of Cord Items was from two different incidents.

Part One: From one of Gladys' earliest confrontations with Zorro.

1. Stalker: Lust.
2. Stalker: Hatred.
3. Stalker: Personality has configurations of STUFF so that "love" means "Taking what is mine."
4. Stalker: "You cheated me out of what was mine and I will get even."
5. Gladys: Scared
6. Gladys: "Are you going to hurt me?"
7. Stalker: "Nothing you don't deserve." Menace!"
8. Gladys: Anger.
9. Gladys: "This is so unfair."
10. Gladys: My life feels like I'm in an earthquake. Will I ever trust life again?
11. Gladys: Once again, I have been deceived by someone.

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