In the United Kingdom, the prescription of medical cannabis is heavily regulated — as is the case with all types of medication. Not all doctors are authorised to provide patients with a prescription, and indeed, not all patients will find themselves eligible for one. There are certain requirements that must be met to ensure that the medication is being used for appropriate purposes. 

Before even finding a CBD doctor online, it’s important that all patients understand their rights and responsibilities when it comes to the prescription of medical cannabis. 

Medical cannabis specialists

The NHS restricts the prescription of cannabis-based products for medical use (CBPMs) to clinicians listed on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council. 

This means that unless your GP is a member of this Register, they will be unable to provide you with a prescription for CBPMs. They can, however, make a referral to a specialist doctor if they believe you are eligible for a medical cannabis consultation. 

Many of these specialists operate via telehealth, meaning you’ll be able to book an appointment with a CBD doctor online even if there are no specialists in your immediate area. Most medical cannabis clinics will require you to prove your eligibility before obtaining a consultation. 

Am I eligible for a medical cannabis prescription?

The only person who can provide an accurate answer to this question is a medical cannabis specialist. However, as per the NHS website, CBPMs will not be considered as “first-line treatments”. What does this mean? Patients must have tried a number of other treatment options (generally at least two) before a specialist will consider prescribing medical cannabis.

In this sense, medical cannabis should only be considered for patients who have suffered from a particular condition (be it chronic back pain or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) for a prolonged period of time without relief.

There are several other factors that may be taken into consideration when deciding upon eligibility, including your medical history, other medications you have previously tried or are currently on, and whether the medication will impact your day-to-day activities.

Finding a medical cannabis specialist

There are a number of different medical cannabis clinics across the UK. As is the case when looking for any type of medical specialist, it’s important that you feel comfortable disclosing your medical history to your chosen specialist and confident that your concerns will be heard.

Your GP may be able to provide you with a referral. Alternatively, consider looking into the work being conducted by Project Twenty21. Project Twenty21 aims to create the UK’s largest body of evidence for the effectiveness and tolerability of medical cannabis treatment. Providing that you have a diagnosed condition that may be managed with medical cannabis, Project Twenty21 can help direct you to a clinic or CBD doctor online. 

Medical cannabis can help to treat a variety of physical and psychological conditions. Contact a qualified medical cannabis specialist today to find out more. 

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