There are several types of brides in the world but what kind best describes you?

We’ve created a few descriptions of the most common types of bride to self analyse which best fits your personality. Don’t worry, you’re entitled to be a little cranky, overbearing and downright rude in some instances but is it true? Are you the bridezilla that you vowed not to become? Which of the bride types are you?


So whether you settle for a plain platinum wedding band or have vowed to burn a huge hole in your fiance’s pocket with that 9 carat wedding ring, we have few latest wedding ring trends for the special types of bride!


  1. The budget bride: This type of bride has every choice based on the cost alone. For most cases, if the cost fits well to the budget, then it looks good to this bride. For her, the internet is the wedding planner and every inspiration comes from Pinterest’s DIY boards. Invitation cards are designed at home with the help of a friend and the decorations are put together from either the clearance aisle or a discount online store. Surprisingly enough, the dress is probably from a consignment shop or bought online. She cuts every corner in order to save but wants a wedding fit for a queen. Just for you, buy cheap wedding rings here.



  1. The Princess bride: This type is the most fascinating to watch. A little more pink in the gold. Rose gold is an easy way to bring something unique to an otherwise classic design. Solitaire with a princess cut is her favourite design. A combination of different sidestones (preferably ruby) with a diamond in between is definitely beautiful and unique at the same time.


  1. The bridezilla: This is the most commonly spotted bride type :D that everyone is familiar with and many fear. There is nothing such as inside voice with this bride and almost nothing is done correctly the first time around according to her. The flowers aren’t right, the music isn’t perfect, the colours are mismatched and of course, the maid or matron of honor can get nothing right. She yells in an attempt to scare everyone into seeing things her way and even her husband to be is a little frightened by her tone.


  1. The Traditional bride: A beautiful bride in a delicate gown walking down the aisle with a sparkling smile and dreams in her eyes! The traditional bride likes everything in the way it is meant to be. Just like her thoughts, her diamond wedding band is defined with a traditional one centre stone in a base of gold. Round shaped solitaire studded dominantly represents timelessness of the bond.


  1. The Modern bride: The design of her wedding dress will be different than the usual brides. Her wedding ring will be a created with a fusion of different metals decorated either in an overlapped manner or anything that is in trend. Her choice of flowers and the background music define her existence and shows how different she is than the traditional brides and their perceptions. Just for you, design your custom made rings here.


  1. The lifelong bride: She wanted to be a bride since forever! Adorned in a classy bridal wear embellished with pearls. Her flower veil and the handsome man looking at her while she walks down the aisle are all a part of the fairy tale she lived forever. Diamond eternity rings completely define this bride. Sturdily carved platinum with fine diamonds embedded in it, depicts her commitment for true love.


  1. The Elegant bride: A beautiful white floral gown with fragrant orchids around and a soothing music playing in the background, this bride worships simplicity. A plain platinum wedding band with embedded diamonds will be her perfect choice.
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