“What is the Two-Letter Word that Your Brain Considers a Threat to Your ‘Survival’?
• 1. “It took the invention (1999) of the fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imagery) to show your Brain changes for the ‘worse’ - when it Sees, Hears or even
reads the word: No!”

• 2. “That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard you say, Pop. I use the word ‘no’, all-the-time, and hear it from everyone, including You! 24/7.”

• 3. “If you remember this, you will learn (if you implement it) the secret of “Influence-Persuasion-Conviction in business, at-work, at-home, and creating financial-wealth.”

• 4. “Never use the word, ‘No!” when talking to anyone. Not your own kids, Significant-Other, fellow-students or
Co-workers at the office.

Don’t go NEGATIVE – eliminate saying: “It’s NOT doable.” – “Can NOT be done.”, or “That’s Impossible!” Ever, for any reason whatsoever. Even when you feel you MUST!”

• 5. “That’s a good one, “never-say-no!”. OK, why?”
• 6. “It’s a two-way street. Hearing, Seeing, even reading – “No!” throws Your brain into a ‘fit-of-dysfunction”. The answer is: your Brain reacts to the Word No! as a “Threat-to-Its Survival!”

• Your Nervous System (Sympathetic Nervous System) freaks out, and hits the button for – “Fight-Or-Flight Reaction” Your Emotional (Limbic System) releases Cortisol – the Stress hormone, and Adrenaline to defend itself. Get it?”

• It releases Stress-Producing hormones, disables your immune-system, and disables your left-brain reasoning &
logic. This happens to You, and to anyone you say the word - ‘No!’
No! is-the-most-dangerous-word in any language.

• 7. “Getouttahere! Where your proof? That’s Im….”

• 8. “Since 1999, neuroscientists have been using fMRIs to shows computer Images of the “blood-flow revealing Brain activity.” It’s used to see injury and damage to the brain. We see the brain in Action.”

• 9. “And scientists use the fMRI and accept the Power of “No!” Hard to believe Pop, you hear it constantly.”

• 10. “The fMRI is the Medical “tool” of choice to VIEW the brain-in-action. In 2003, the Nobel Prize for discovering the use of fMRI was given to Lautenbur and Mansfield,
for physiology/medicine. Science says, Yes!

• ‘fMRI Research’ has been replicated (proven) at UCLA, and 100s of articles in the Journals like, Neuron, “Cortical Activity”: 26: 55-67. The evidence of how the brain reacts is on the fMRI screen. Got it, Kid?”

• 11. “Sure, who are you going to believe about the Brain, scientists or ‘common-sense’? I go with science, not myths & stupidity.”

• 12. “Would you believe the FACT that humans have an Attention-Span of 8-seconds before we get distracted and daydream? It’s been measured by fMRIs. Get this please: a goldfish in a bowl has an ‘Attention-Span’ of 9-seconds.”

• 13. “Can I say, “No-feces?” Alright, I said the NO! word.”
• 14. “Wait. The fMRI shows that if you want to Influence, Persuade & convince people, you must quit talking every

• The brain stops taking in information after one minute, to digest what it heard or read. You can start another “Chunk” of conversation after 10-seconds, for another one-minute set.”

• 15. “You must stop selling after one-minute because they are NOT listening, but using left-brain analysis to see if they agree or disagree with what you said in the past one-minute, Pop?”

• 16. “On-the Dinero, but nobody talks for just one-minute, right? And that’s why they never convince anyone, and hardly influence or persuade. “Time” what’s coming out of your mouth to win all-the-marbles.”

• 17. “I’ll try to remember to do it, not just understand.”

• 18. “Back to the terror-word, “No! After hearing or seeing, or even reading, “N0!” your brain is on steroids for the next 90-minutes. Your long-term Memory, core Learning-Skills, and consciousness is compromised by the flood of neurotransmitters (chemicals) trying to save your ass. You cannot listen or even communicate your thoughts & ideas. Your Emotions are scaring the hell out of you – all because you feel rejected by the little word, “No!”

• 19. “I’m beginning to believe it, Pop”

• 20. “Get this now: the words – “Poverty-Illness-Cancer-Heart-Attack, and DEATH!” make your brain crazy too.”

• 21.”I’m convinced, and you’re giving me the “shakes”.”

• 22. “OK. Now for the Solution. Be aware of using these negative words, right? When you are rejected, and you will be many times weekly in-this life, use the MAGIC of

• You must smile using your muscles of your cheeks, sides of your eyes, and show-your teeth. In 7-seconds of smiling, your Brain moves from ‘Fight-or-Flight’ to deep Relaxation of your ParaSympathetic Nervous System.”

• 23. “Got it Pop, real Duchenne-Smile like you taught me.

Any other strategies?”

• 24. “Two: Silently, (mentally) talk-back to your mind, and say, “STOP!” Please Cancel-cancel & delete all
Fight-or-Flight reactions to the word, “No!” Those words really work if you Emotionalize your words.”

“Last strategy you know, stop left-brain thinking, and take FOUR (4) Diaphragmatic Breaths. On exhaling, do four “Hum-ms” for each breath. That cancels out the fight-or flight system. Got it?”

25. “Thanks, Pop. I will use what you said.”

“Tune-in, Turn-on, Tap-in” to consciously operating your Brain. It’s a neuroscientific fact, and makes you win in school, at work, & at-home.

See ya,

Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler.

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