Seasoned job seekers know that highlighting skills on a resume is critical. Once the resume gets your foot in the door, the candidate can shine in the interview by showing how skills were used and contributed to the success of former employers.

The following top four skills are listed in 9 out of 10 most in-demand jobs:

1. Active Listening – giving your audience (whether it is one person or a group) your full attention, no texting or looking at cell phones during conversations.

2. Decision Making – choosing appropriate actions, taking into consideration the costs and benefits.

3. Complex Problem Solving – ability to recognize a problem, dissect issues, evaluate options, and implement solutions.

4. Critical Thinking – analyzing both sides of strategies to resolve problems, with practical and out-of-the-box options, and potential conclusions.

Number five in this list ranked 8 out of 10 of the most wanted skills. In today’s world having technical knowledge on some level is imperative to successfully functioning in any organization. Companies rely heavily on people with experience with computers and electronics. Very few positions are available today where an employee doesn’t have to interact with a computer or computer like devise in some way.

5. Computers & Electronics –knowledge of processors, electronic equipment, computer hardware, applications and program skills.

The key is to know what skills are in high demand and what qualities “tick the boxes” for employers. While technology is one of the top skills, what really appeals to recruiters and hiring managers is having a well-rounded skill set that demonstrates how systems are thought through, and how an individual can work within a team. Your resume as well as your interview responses should present your skill set, as well as validate how they are used to an employer’s benefit.

Author's Bio: 

Lisa Chapman is a certified professional resume writer whose career is deep-rooted in the careers industry. As a visible member of her profession, she has been involved with numerous industry organizations. Professional credentials include recognition as a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Authorized Behavioral Strategist (DISC Behavioral Assessment), Certified Professional Resume Writer Credentialing Authority, and career/resume book contributor.