When you are looking to create some protection from the sun while still creating a wonderful outdoor living area, as well as some privacy from those living around you, you might want to take a closer look at outdoor blinds. They look great with any type of property and are perfect for any veranda, patio, balcony or another outdoor area so you can enjoy being outside and keep the heat and light to comfortable levels. They come in a wide range of styles and varieties from full block patio blinds to wood privacy screens, cafe blinds, shade view blinds, awnings and more. Whatever you are looking for you will find ones that suit your own style and that of your home. Here is a look at three styles of home and how they work.

Contemporary and modern designed homes

Often what stands out with contemporary or modern homes is that they are quite minimalist in their design and favour simple and neutral colours. In such homes, something like an outdoor fabric that offers sunscreening with automated or retractable blinds outdoor with porches, pergolas and such would look great. You could also have straight-drop blinds for your windows or motorised wire guide blinds. Something simple, clean and modern to suit the home.

Traditionally styled homes

Something modernized like outdoor blinds actually also look great even with a more traditional styled home. Mixing new and old works when done well. You can use a different window covering styles and outdoor blinds depending on whether it is front-facing or rear-facing. Something striped on a canvas style outdoor blind would look good. Straight-drop blinds with cream and beige stripes, automatic guide blinds with a strip of two tones, straight-drop blinds with something more single tone. These would all work well.

Retro-Style decor

Retro-syle homes are becoming more popular with people choosing to remodel their homes to have a look of the 1950s say. When you select the style of outdoor blinds for homes like this consider what has been done to the outside of the home. If it has been made to look more modern then modern blind works best, if it leans more towards the retro look from the 50s or 60s then look for a blind that is also of that time. Make sure the colours fit as well as the style of the blinds. You could also opt to go more neutral so that should you change your design the blinds will still work.


Whether you choose retractable blinds outdoor style or another kind, they can really add something special to the look of your home, while also offering practical privacy and shade options. Think about the long term too. If you change the design of your outside space, will the blinds still work, are you okay with investing in new ones each time you change the décor? Outdoor blinds are a great addition to any space when you get the right look!

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