Preparing for athletic competition is hard enough for adults, so imagine how tough it must be for children. This is why parental guidance and support is necessary in order to get a kid into a good mindset about a game, especially if it’s a sport as tough and as physical as rugby. If you find yourself at a loss for words to say to your child before a game, then you might find the following verbal prompts quite useful.

Safety First

Beginner’s rugby can be just as dangerous as higher levels of the sport. While there are game officials who ensure that everyone is operating with a mind towards safety, accidents on the field still happen all the time. As a parent, it is your responsibility to remind your child that safety is always a priority.

Play Fair

While winning is a prized objective for most kids, they must also be reminded to play fairly. You must tell your child to follow the rules and regulations of the game. In addition, you should also teach your kid how to handle circumstances when an opponent makes unfair moves towards him or her.

Never Give Up

There will be times when your child’s team would be down in the youth rugby league game. To prepare your kid for these occasions, you can remind him or her to still try hard even if a loss is inevitable. Children need encouragement for these moments the most, and as a parent, you should be your kid’s number one source of support.

Give It Your Best

It is also important to remind your child that the outcome of the game would not affect the way you treat him or her. You can explain that although winning may be important in a youth rugby league, it’s not as important as giving the best performance he or she can give. Tell your kid that as long as he or she gives it one hundred percent, win or lose, it doesn’t really matter.

Have Fun

This piece of advice is perhaps one of the most important shreds of adult wisdom you can impart to your child before a rugby game. At this point of their lives, children should be enjoying their day to day activities. The same is true for a game of youth rugby league football. Beyond winning and losing, the most essential thing is to have fun.

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