There are a lot of options when it comes to buying art supplies, and it doesn't even matter whether you are creating the next Mona Lisa or you just want to complete a school requirement. A simple research in the net and small discussions with your peers in the same filed can provide you a better idea on the different brands of art supplies. Or you could start your own art supply store. This popular type of business has proven to be a profitable enterprise in many countries. Those who are highly creative and have a good knowledge about the art supplies can set up the shop that sells art supplies.

There are many considerations that affect the budget when you are starting your art supplies store: where it is located, how many people are you going to employ, what will you sell and how many, how will you sell, and so on and so forth. Initially, you can try to get personal loans and for all start up business, you can loan the amount from friends and families. If you are knowledgeable about the recent trends in art supplies and you are simultaneously applying some business savvy in your tactics and strategies, you can expect to immediately making a profit from your initial sales.

You can learn the fundamentals or basics on art supplies by looking things on the net or by reading books. Or you could sign up with some introductory classes or short courses being offered by some colleges or universities.

Location is not really a huge deal if your store is classified as a general store or one that sells general merchandise. But if it is a specialized store that you are setting up, you should put a lot of thought on where you are going to be located. It should be somewhere in, or close by, a university or a school. It would be even better if the university or school offers courses or programs that are related to fine arts and similar fields. If the area happens to be densely populated or frequented by many people often, your business will be even more visible to potential customers.

You should also include in your plan on the mode of operation for your store ' will you be selling by bulk, or by retail? Look for a regular wholesaler or distributor of art supplies to get your stocks from. You can then go about filling your inventory with the important and relevant art supplies. The inventory can contain colors, paints, papers, different sets of brushes that are used for varied purposes, shimmer enhancing items, drawing media, boards, drawing stands or pads, advanced forms of easels, specialty items and so on. You can also sell other tools that are commonly used in simple arts and crafts projects, such as knives, cutters, mount cutters, scissors, and palettes, among others.

Canvases are sold in the form of simple canvases and sketched canvases. Easels are highly recommended especially if you want to sell specialty items. You can take your pick from the more common table easels and studio easels. Field easels and mount boards are also good alternatives. Sketching and watercolor surfaces come in so many shapes and sizes. There is a lot of profit to be made from selling coloring items, particularly acrylic and water colors, since they are the most widely used ones. Gouache colors are also being sold by some shops. Basically, Gouache is water-based paint. It has the same components as the normal water colors. It has an opaque quality to it, mainly because of the addition of chalk.

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